Marshall JTM612 [1995-1997]
Marshall JTM612 [1995-1997]

JTM612 [1995-1997], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JTM60 series.

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Rauze 09/28/2006

Marshall JTM612 [1995-1997] : Rauze's user review


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Trs simple


I like the clean sound, distortion boost the bottom high volume is good, the super crunch, a real crunch as we hear on the disc blues.Je not find the sound when you put the slime fond.Je is the gain in its own fait.La distortion this amp has nothing to do with a JCM800 for example, the sound is less gras.C is what I think the JCM800, because I know a guy who has one, and putting my amp from his cot I found my sound is less grave.En JTM is the sound of the more nervous I think, and less imposing than mine JCM.Je prfre DEFINITIONS.


No regrets, my best investment these days, 600 euros occas.J good I bought the cabinet for extension in which in addition to the combo I put a vintage30.Je cons have not felt by the diff substantial differences with the original HP heirloom in rendering sonore.J 'I wanted to electroharmonix lamps with a little more gain but it produces microphonics, so be careful not to buy the lamps too Hi gain, the ECC83 or 12AX7 basic conviennet widely.