Marshall JTM622 [1995-1997]
Marshall JTM622 [1995-1997]

JTM622 [1995-1997], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JTM60 series.

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FockWulf 11/05/2006

Marshall JTM622 [1995-1997] : FockWulf's user review


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So it's a tube amp out in 1995 if I am not mistaken. 5 * 12AX7 in préamplifaction and 2 * EL34 power, or 60W lamp while.

The HP 622 has two Celestion Heritage 12 ". I found that both HP for better sound distribution than other configurations available at the time (3 * 10", 1 * 12 "2 * 12" or 1 * 15 "). It is possible to add an additional cabinet.

It has two effects loops: one series, the other parallel with volume control for both. Spring reverb with level control (not to abuse it, like all spring reverbs). A setting of the presence (very high) is available in rear and is the slamming.

It has two channels: one clean (volume + EQ) that can cruncher and a boost (drive + Volume + EQ) which saturates or crunch. A master volume control allows the overall level of the amp.

XLR DI output for recording, switch pre / post amplifiers ...

Attention, the power transformer seems to be fragile (mine passed away 5 years ago, replaced for € 200 with the lights). Since no worries, despite regular use.


It's very easy to use. The EQ (treble, mids, bass) are quite effective and help sculpt the sound well.

Special mention to the parallel effects loop which allows to superimpose a clear, saturated sound (ala Eric Johnson).


Fans of large disto Marshall, go your way.

The strength of this amp is the clean channel! there are hints Fenderiens in this amp. Crystal clear sound, a well with a Start or a Les Paul. There crunch in beautiful, very blues, sweet (no need to tube screamer!). It is an incredible transparency: there not plug a guitar or a scratch through or you'll hear all the flaws ...

However, the boost channel is less convincing. As long as crunch, it is very vintage Marshall, but once past the 12 to the gain, it becomes very aggressive, almost Fuzz. It does not really look like the idea that there is a Marshall. Mission almost impossible to have a big sound to Santana. However, it can get very dirty punk or rock, still very sharp and very precise.

If I do note that the clean sounds / crunches, it is 9, if I take into account the distortion fuzz, it falls to 7 Marshall reputation not paid ...


I have since 1995.

I really like the palette of clean sounds / crunches that suit me perfectly.
It is well suited to the amplification of Pods or other preamps plugged directly into the return effects loop series. Heating of the digital assured!

You really have to drop the bass distortion with this amp. Damage to a Marshall.

The price / quality ratio was good at the time (nine paid about 600 €). I hesitated with Laney and Fender tweed. I do not regret my choice even if other amps make me dream today (Mesa Road King ...).