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Marshall Tube Combo Guitar Amps user reviews

  • Marshall JTM615 [1995-1997]

    Marshall JTM615 [1995-1997] - lom's review


    Is it possible to change the photo to the top? This is not a JTM615. View photo here:…

  • Marshall JVM410C

    Marshall JVM410C - " an amp crazy"


    everything was already said to all lamps amp with 4 channels and three types of gain per channel green, orange and red in it to care under the foot 100 W lamps while it's heavy it rivals even combos seamlessly with the head and 4 * 12 settings ar…

  • Marshall 4102 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999]

    Marshall 4102 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999] - " Caught it!"


    I have some ready in time. 2 channels reverb 2 1 2 2 volumes equalizer master volume. A loop, a power pedals, and a switch to lower the power by half. What a joke, it's always too much! 4 lamps 34, a driver ECC83 and two ECC83 preamp lamps. Rectif…

  • Marshall JCM601 [1997-2000]

    Marshall JCM601 [1997-2000] - " A worthy descendant of the JCM 800"


    JCM 601 60w Combo 1hp 12, all lamps (4 ECC83 and 2 EL34 in prampli Svetlana) 2 switchable channels each with its own volume switch (+ gain on the lead) bass, middle, trebble, reverb + effects loop volume , master presence and the rear. Footswitch…

  • Marshall Class 5 Combo [2011-2012]

    Marshall Class 5 Combo [2011-2012] - " My favorite amp to date"


    Nice finish, good quality / price ratio. UTILIZATION Simple but not simplistic. Low-power mode: very effective and satisfactory. Loss of much of the volume. Of course, the bottom in 5 watts is better, but for home use, the foot. SOUNDS I …

  • Marshall JTM622 [1995-1997]

    Marshall JTM622 [1995-1997] - " The large class"


    Amp full lamp, 2 channels with EQ and reverb separate volumes, a serial loop, a parallel loop, a possible extension by external speakers, a presence, 2 speakers Celestion Heritage 12 "and a good vintage amp head. This for outdoor use. Inside, four EC…

  • Marshall 4502 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999]

    Marshall 4502 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999] - " Very good!" has images


    It's known, I do not see what I can add! I spent 25w because the seller had bought the lamps need! its beautiful! It is very simple, good saturation, but you have to play hard .. ca is heavy .. UTILIZATION I use the easiest way it is! No …

  • Marshall Vintage Modern 2266C

    Marshall Vintage Modern 2266C - " top"


    50W all-tube effects loop UTILIZATION no manual for me! SOUNDS All lamp 50 w marshall sound throughout its state! What grain! I am a fan of the marshall crunch the one is used, but also are monstrous distos with a telecaster is the …

  • Marshall JVM215C

    Marshall JVM215C - " my first lamp!" has images


    any lamp, everything has been said I think. Persso I see 6 channels. With it he covers by 50w it's harmony and are foil drums, and even in the small room is down ... UTILIZATION well designed, despite the fragility of various volume pot and k…

  • Marshall Class 5 Combo [2009-2010]

    Marshall Class 5 Combo [2009-2010] - " Small but sturdy ..."


    lamp that hard, classic UTILIZATION more you turn the knob, the greater the man he has crunch, and even distortion, and it sends the potato. Still lack a gain ... SOUNDS Marshall's is a mess, it's great! The clean is bof, rather than the Vo…