Peavey Ultra 112 Combo
Peavey Ultra 112 Combo

Ultra 112 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the Ultra series.

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iamqman 07/15/2011

Peavey Ultra 112 Combo : iamqman's user review

« Metal Monster little combo »

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This is a metal machine. This little combo if you can call it little packs a huge wallop of a punch. This is the amp that inspired the XXX amps from Peavey. Some say these amps have more juice and girth than a 5150 or a XXX, but that is a hard battle to take. They are equally appealing and inspiring.

These amps are basically gain and more gain. This is a two channel amp that has a crunch channel and than an ultra channel for even more gain. This is specifically designed for the metal or hard rock player in mind.

This is basically the same amp as the one 12 inch speaker combo. You get all the same tone and features as the single speaker but just an added speaker. It does push more air with the extra speaker so the tone is more open and 3D.



* * All-tube amp: four 12AX7 preamp tubes and two 6L6GC power amp tubes
* * 60 watts at 4, 8, or 16 ohms (selectable impedance)
* * Three footswitchable channels: Ultra, Crunch and Clean
* * High-quality speakers: 112- dual 12" Sheffield® 1230 speaker
* * Footswitchable reverb
* * Effects loop
* * Master volume
* * Clean channel: volume; bright switch; low, mid and high tone controls
* * Crunch and Ultra channels: pre- and post-gain controls; gain boost switch; bottom, body and edge EQ controls
* * Passive EQ for Clean channel, active EQ for Crunch and Ultra channels gives increased tonal response
* * Footswitch included
* * Resonance switch


I find that the extra speaker of the 2x12 gives a more open tone where the 1x12 can seems a little small . Of course the extra speaker does push more air so that could just be the feeling.If you get the chance to get one of these amps in front of you you will immediately know the power it has with the first strike of the power chord. This crunch master amp has so much gain sometimes it is unusable. Either way it is a lot of fun t play around with that much overdrive.

The amp like all Peavey amps sounds the best with a Gibson Les Paul or another guitar with a humbucker installed. The Peavey amps can sometimes have a lot of fizzy distortion which isn't a bad thing but just a taste thing. A think the humbucker is able to clean that up a bit with the double wound pickups. This is a rocker guitar amp and with two distortion channels there isn't much in the heavy metal world that this amp cannot cover.


These amps have been discontinued for a while now. I have seen them in the classifieds for around $410, which isn't bad for a two channel tube amp. You can find them pretty easily on ebay or a forum of some kind. They stick out like sore thumbs sometimes.

I would recommend this amp to anyone who need a great sounding metal amps that can do just about any metal or hard rock tone imaginable. This is a good and cheap amp for someone needing to rock out.