Peavey Ultra 112 Combo
Peavey Ultra 112 Combo

Ultra 112 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the Ultra series.

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nickname009 02/28/2012

Peavey Ultra 112 Combo : nickname009's user review


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All tube 60 watts.
3 channels, clean, crunch and ultra.
12ax7s and 6L6s.
Seperate clean EQs, shared crunch/ultra EQs.

Open back.

Good construction. Supposedly the basis and/or foundation that started the legendary peavey triple XXX and other models that soon evolved from the ultra.

This is a HEAVY beast of a 112 combo. I'd put wheels on it if I were you.


Very easy and simple. Controls are all laid out well. Start everything at noon and tweak from there. The Crunch and Ultra channels are mainly the same in terms of sound, the crunch has less gain and the ultra has too much gain and maybe more of a midrange hump because of that.


Cleans sound quite good once you engage the bright switch. It doesn't get super chimey like a fender would but it does have that same sort of vibe. It really depends on the pickups you've got. The Amp itself is quite dark sounding, but the open back brings some of that brightness back and if you're running single coils or tapped humbuckers you should be able to get a convincing strat-like tone from the clean channel alone.

The distortion sounds quite good too. I wouldn't say that it sounds like a marshall or boogie because it doesn't. It sounds neutral to me, almost inbetween the two sounds if that's even possible. Peavey has always had their own sorta sound to begin with. It's definitely more 'american' than 'british' sounding however.

I love the ultra channel for super high gain randomnses. To make crazy whammy noises or crazy fast licks etc. While I am mostly on the crunch channel for most of my distortion sounds I pop into the ultra for these tricks and gimmicks etc etc and it does the job quite well.

This amp is versatile, you're able to get light crunch sounds to super ultra modern heavy metal that hasn't even been invented yet. It's great! Add a tubescreamer for boosting the clean or dirty boosting your gain channel and you'll get into a whole other territory.

Of course this is an early 90s or late 80s amp so of course it won't sound good at bedroom volumes you'll have to crank this thing to get any tube saturation and get away from the buzziness that comes with most traditional tube amps. So don't be suprised that it sounds like crazp when you're playing it in your room at 1.


Great value for the money if you can find one used. Great workhorse amp to get started with getting good tones and such if you've got some pedals. Also an awesome beginner's first tube amp I'd say. Pretty easy to use and sounds quite decent. If I saw another one of these I'd most likely pick it up!