Peavey Ultra 112 Combo
Peavey Ultra 112 Combo

Ultra 112 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the Ultra series.

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Kal 02/28/2009

Peavey Ultra 112 Combo : Kal's user review


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- What kind of amplification?

All Tube amp, 4 * 12AX7 in preamp, 2 * 6L6 power
The section also accepts EL34 power
- What is the power delivered?

60 W RMS 4.8, or 16 ohms
The original HP 12 inches is a reference sheffield 1230, 8 ohms.
- What connection?

- 2 entries: Hi Gain and Low Gain
- A serial effects loop, without adjustment of levels.
- A preamp output
- A footswitch to switch the 3 channels, and to bypass the reverb.
- 2 HP, with a switch to select the impedance (ohms 4,8,16).

The HP of the box is connected via one of these two inputs, to use an external HP, simply disconnect the HP original, it is also possible to use the HP combo, plus one (or) HP external choosing the right impedance.
- What are the settings, effects? ...

- 3 channels: clean and crunch and ultra

The clean channel has a 3-band passive EQ and a bright switch to boost treble, and a volume control.

The crunch and ultra channels each have a gain control, volume, and a gain boosting switch the channel gain.

They share a common active EQ 3-band.

The level of the reverb is managed by a potentiometer.

Finally there is a set of master switch and a "resonance", which adjusts the resonance of low-level power section.

8/10 because at that price the features are comprehensive, allowing to consider a lot of configurations, however, the equalization common to both channels and ultra crunch may pose problems. The footswitch is very narrow and close buttons cause some hiccups at first. We made it, but must aim well (I plan to change it, I'm tired of planting its passages on a little hot)

One detail that bothers me too, is placed before the reverb effects loop, I wish I could use the reverb on the amp with an external chorus for example, but this is impossible, damage.

The hi gain channel of the JSX is based on the ultra channel of this amp.


- Set up is simple?

Yes, the settings are easy to use, you immediately understand how it works. We shoot and it sounds, this is where the mesa aps régléges interact, not push-pull knobs on either

- Do I get a good sound easy?

Yes, for my part I found quite quickly the settings that suit me, to note that I use just the crunch channel, but it will fine tune precisely to have a good balance of crunch and ultra sound, the due to the equalization common.

I also noted that when the crunch is set with a low gain, you really push the volume to get the same level as with ultra high gain, and if the difference between the respective gains is very great, the crunch channel will be lower than the ultra.

This amp is resolutely oriented sounds rather "modern", despite his age, all sounds pretty straight, do not look here if you want a crunch distos drooling and fluffy.
- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

Succinct manual, but gives the basics. Anyway it's a pretty simple amp.
Technical details are sufficient (impedances, "flow chart" showing the configurations of the channels and the signal flow within the different amplification stages, dimensions weight ... etc.)

The translation was probably made with the automatic translator google ;-)

Some basic settings are mentioned but they are of no use to that already used an amp, the more I find rather unsubtle (v EQUAL kind with the gain way down to the metal ("/>;)


- Will it fit your style of music?

This is my rehearsal amp for my metal band (influenced melodic death, thrash ...), it does its job as I expect.

The distortion channel is ultra ... Ultra. No need to turn up the gain enough is done to direct avoiner, pushing the gain too much we lose by having a dynamic and its not too compressed spring that group.

As I said above the distortion is rather aggressive type (it is very close grain of 5150, with a grain a little less tight.
- With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?

I use it mostly with my LTD EC 400 EMG rise 81 and 60, a wha and distortion for a different sound distortion occasinnellement (DOD Grunge or Proco Rat)
- What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat", ....)?

The clean channel is very nice, a little right, begins pleasantly cruncher at 6/7 to channel volume. I use this because I love being on the edge of cunch plain.

It lacks character to some, it's true that it is not typed, however it has the merit to exist! what differentiates the combo 5150 (not yet tried the 6505) which also has an overdrive channel very thorough, but it comes rather its lack of very clear ... clear.

The switch "bright" can rechopper immediately Treble formidable to bring out the guitar in the mix.

With the neck pickup and cutting a little shine to the knob scratch, you get something very warm.

With the intermediate positions of my ibanez pickups and simple, it's rhythmic clapping for a clean sound.

The crunch channel can be used in real crunch, but he left very quickly (beyond the gain with 3 doubles) in saturation than enough to rock rhythms, so it's either a crunch channel, a first distortion, I use distortion rather, finding the crunch by lowering the volume on the guitar.

This is not the type of sound that I prefer crucnh there in my opinion the best amps in this style (the grain is too rocky to fair what I call a crunch, I've said but it is not at all a good crunch mushy roots well)

The ultra channel will distos of rock to extreme metal, this is right, as it should be accurate but not icy.

The active equalizer allows very large variations in sound, exploring a little bit we create many different sounds.

The resonant switch is very handy for playing the bass, and allows them to contain and prevent the sound becomes rough in large satus and palm muting.
Its action on the clean sound is also interesting.

In the end you can choose to configure the channels for either a clear, crunch and distortion, a clear sound, a rhythmic distortion and a distortion solo, this aspect is quite pleasant.
- What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?

The reverb is decent, and reconciled me with the reverb amp that I was often disappointed, I use it frequently in his light.

The ultra channel is really the headroom it allows to obtain distos full grain tight enough that I love, I am really very satisfied.

In its clear I like to crack the strings, the dynamic feel of my sound, especially since I have my LTD with an EMG 60 in neck, I rediscovered the clean from this amp, a pleasure to snap good rhythm in the clear, keeping in volmue dessosu of 6 and pushing the master is still very clean while coloring the sound, and there, it's beautiful.


- How long you use it?

I edit this section again.
I have now tested this amp in different configs: live on small stage, large stage, home recording.

Bah is not shit, it sounds, period!

The housing and HP are very good, compared to a Triple X 2 * 12 the sound is huge!

This little combo really has energy to spare, if I change it to a head ... Ultra is sometimes more convenient when traveling to a concert.

And yet I will change it, I'll keep more of the head.

Its only major flaw, and it is sometimes very annoying, it's the damn footswitch minsuscule which caused me more misfires on stage, I will look for another solution, and anger I lower the rating, NA!
- What is so special that you love the most, least?

The ultra channel!!!! and the overall sound is very good, it is no problem with the comparison of amps really liked sonéreux.

Moreover it is a very quiet amp (again I compare to 5150), very little background noise, even with many ultra gain.
- Did you tried many other models before buying it?

Yes (I'm overprudent nature, and especially I lent an amp until I find my happiness, which allowed me to rummage around and wait for the right opportunity):

- So I played a long time on a Hiwatt Custom 50, it sounds good, but it's not the kind of config I was looking for (only one channel, mandatory use of pedals)
- A 212 spider, which I was very moderately satisfied
- A H & K edition blue that I found quite convincing in distortion, but the power (60w transistors) seemed too low for group play.
- A H & K zenamp, modeling combo 2 * 60 watts, convincing low volume in a cabin, but new product, I'm not the pioneer style that takes the risk of teething
<p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>and when I see that this product was originally proposed in 1200 euros, then overnight at about 550, I think that somewhere there&#39;s laughing at us, for the anecdote, a store in my town the still exhibits at the old price, while its competitors offer at the new price ...</span>
- A Behringer gmx 210, which sounded pretty good at low volumes, I wanted to try the vampire, but the opportunity presented itself of peavey.
- A 60 watt marshall TSL: not convinced
- A Bogner Uberschall (good but not even there I compare, I did not have in mind to buy it for that matter).

I also had the opportunity to plug it into 4 * 12 H & K, where the sound gaining momentum (not surprising). Nevertheless the original HP cash fine, I think just adding a HP of 12, or 2 * 12, for more broadcast repeats.
- How would you rate the quality / price?

The value for money at the low depreciation is excellent (500 euros), a choice without hesitation as long as the noise characteristics are right for you. (If you like the 5150&#39;s and others he is doing as well)

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...

no doubt, I have not found any amp with similar qualities with this budget.

Note that this model is now replaced by the triple XXX, which has substantially the same grain, with some improvements (eg the effects loop foostwitchable, an equalizer for the two channels saturated, a footswitch digen of the name )

on the other hand, counting more than double the price.

for more info, I give you a link to view ( users across the Atlantic where this amp is more widespread.

Finally a little video made by a scratch rather rock, where one sees that this amp is pretty rock oriented.