Peavey ValveKing Royal 8
Peavey ValveKing Royal 8

ValveKing Royal 8, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the ValveKing series.

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bensouss 04/03/2014

Peavey ValveKing Royal 8 : bensouss's user review

«  As manure lies a Rose ... but we must first remove the manure! »

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Tube Amp Class A 5 Watt 2 entries with an attenuated (like Fender) and a headphone output.
A gain and a master tone.


Config super simple.
For good sound that's another story.
I do not have a manual, but my youngest daughter who is only 2 years already realized that this was not a toaster or a helicopter. So if you really need a manual, I would recommend you personally to one of my psychologist friend, you will spend an IQ test with undisguised pleasure.


So for her it is simple this amp is when it leaves the store itself sucks. And I weigh but words. I've heard shit but at this point the engineers at Peavey had to do an internal competition to see who would be able to make its most dégelasse with the lamp.
Basically two sounds are used, ie using attenuated and using the input to the minimum gain. soon as one climbs it starts gerbouiller gently across the corners.
The idea of ​​a tone was good but here is the acute one goes it is loud and unpleasant.
The other option is to go into a normal entry and up the gain to max and then a saturated sound that could pass for a real lamp but worse, it happens when I finally even if you want to play first Clash or the Ramones, or energy seems more important than the shade.
Between the two is just crappy, and it is impossible to find a decent bluesy sound or a nice crunch.
Then one day I was bored I played Professor Frankenstein and started to remove the lamp cover by telling me that there was probably something to do.
So I start putting lamps that I had side and after a few tries more or less good I found the cocktail of death that kills.
I put a miniwatt EL 84 from behind the fagots (Dario), and especially I replaced the 12AX7 with a 12AU7 miniwatt home Dario also ...
And then a miracle Cinderella cast his rags and put on her prom dress. In fact this amp is simply not (what they say in PV for much gain. Was obtained in all the nuances of this game possible and everything is exploitable. It is true that a little less than volume, but hey it's not become a Walkman so far, but what a sound!
Moreover have it accepts pedals much better and with a good overdrive and it's downright divine, but with a good metal distortion (for fans), you get to take off squarely wallpaper the living room. Ditto for the Phaser or Chorus Type modulations.
So I would say that after the note pattern goes from very poor to excellent.


In summary if you want shit do not hesitate to buy it and leave the state. If you want to hand an amp that sounds vintage but usable at home without the constabulary comes to take a drink with you after 5 minutes debrouyez to find good replacement lamps, but especially the 12AX7 that goes this amp as a dress of Kate Moss on Schwartseneger.

It is possible that as we said a few others before me change the HP significantly improves the note too, but good change of a lamp is so simple that I see no reason to interfere.