Vox AC30CC1
Vox AC30CC1

AC30CC1, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Custom Classic series.

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lsotis 01/05/2010

Vox AC30CC1 : lsotis's user review


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See below. I remember however that there is (among others) switch to the rear power switch 30W 22W which is very very useful.
I loved being able to "rein in" more (a attnuateur is very expensive) to be able to enjoy the most natural crunch without the risk of deafening the whole group.
I also liked to bnficier a master for 2 entries and move to the top of the normal channel without the boost volume grate fucking diffrence but hey, it's not impossible (see the many topics on this subject fofo).
Precision, I have one with the new dish, the "Neodog" and ... p'tain c'que was sent!


We get lost a little to the departure, many rglage as interactive with others but nothing dcourageant and the manual is well done.
If you get a good sound easily ... say that we will scrape a moment to see which one will keep!


We play rock and wood that sends smelly feet, sometimes punk limit (according to some, I find it), some vintage. This is exactly the sound I rvais long.
I use it with my S series (Humb), my C77 (type LP with P90) or my Tele, it works wonders.
I am using an A / B / Y Morley to spend at the top of the normal channel boost, even the 2 (as if I switch the chaining of Pramper 2), which allows me to go from light to heavy crunch sound (with the bulldog on the normal channel) with a same happiness every time.
I prefer the DO and Satu on the Normal channel, I added my Katapult on the Top Boost (a trick crazy!) Which allows me to grate the difference volume between the channels.
Soon, It's been a year since I have. I use it at home (at least I try too hard ...), and RPTE in concert ... and I just started telling me my start rglages be pretty !!!... but I love all the sounds. This amp is a marvel.


I used an old Road transistor before (I have not said my last word with him besides, I've always) incredible 100W of 1978 I used a clean sound with Koch Pedaltone. A great product, super versatile except that no ass, I fuck with super t (apparently rare) ... and change, has made very long as I knew it would be possible if a Vox. It was possible, and since t is happiness.
What I like is all that I could write at the top.
What I regret is not being able to push the lamp or in RPTE shit without my friends, or live at risk is to piss off my friends, is his Ing (when it one!)
So I pass on 22W. It is a bit better ... but still strong. But hey, I love it.