Vox AC30CC2X
Vox AC30CC2X

AC30CC2X, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Custom Classic series.

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astneric 12/23/2005

Vox AC30CC2X : astneric's user review


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Amp lamp 33W, 22W switchable to (very useful)
8 lamps: 4 x EL84 (Electro-Harmonix), 1 x GZ34, 3 x 7025 (3 dernires the trust does not inspire me, however one of them silent dj microphone purchase)
CHAC lamps is not easy, is actually disassemble everything.

2 The usual channels of the AC30: Normal Channel and Top Boost channel.
Effects loop, pedals switch provided to control reverb and tremolo.
Speaker Outputs supplmentaires.
Also new: you can switch the scale filter 22F (its vintage) 44F (its more modern, cleaner and sharper, at least as much as can be an AC30)


The rglages, although wonderfully effective and influential on the trs, trs are simple:
-Gain + bass + treble for the Top Boost channel
-Gain + Switch to Normal brightness

This gives his sound quickly. But still we remain in trs typ bubble AC30.

The Manual (8 pages) Describes perfectly all the connections and rglages.


My Rickenbacker 360 sounds wonderful on it, I finally got the sound I wanted and do not regret it.
The sound is round, feed the clean sound is beautiful crunch is the CLAT. Do not expect anything fMeasure a crunch, pushing the volmue well and playing very hard ...

For my part I do not push the gain more than 3 / 4, it provides a crunch that I like way, I prfre up the volume and boost the power tubes. Like any amp lamps, he dvoile high volume.


I use it for a few weeks and I just can not get enough to Linster.
I tried the CC2 version (HPs Vox) to me far less convinced. In the beginners j'tais perplexed Difference in price, but it seems justified (fortunately there ...) The sound is slamming, Dfine better, less drooling, but above all an impressive dynamic possde and without comparison with the CC2.
I also tried a '70 Vox (the hill is near the price of CC2X) and certainly more vintage sound, because it certainly is better rod too, but it is not envy the new AC30. They perfectly keep the grain and all the particularity of the Vox. For me, no Intrets to seek all costs of the old Vox ct, the CC2X the gal with no problem and adds many amliorations at the functional level (see above)

The Chinese-made did not yet possible problem, a trs seems well constructed, see the reliability in recent years.
But I put 9 because it's not good to dlocaliser and exploit the Chinese, not well at all! The HP is about them Celestion "made in england"

I do it again without hsiter this purchase, but I recommend to compare it to CC2, much cheaper but can be used.