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MGR/Billy 12/08/2010

Vox AC4TV : MGR/Billy's user review

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This is the 4 watt tiny tube combo by Vox. It was built to sound similar to a Vox AC30 or AC15, but on a budget as well as so you can get the tone of a cranked, over driven tube amp without blowing your ears out.

It is an attractive blonde cabinet with controls facing up similar to the standard Vox amps as well as the iconic brown striped grill cloth.

I was in my local music shop testing out guitars and saw the Vox. Everyone is making a small tube amp these days, so I had to see what Vox had to offer.

The price. A Vox AC15 is $599, this is less than half the price at $249. It does an OK job at nailing the chimey Vox tone that Vox is known for.

I also like that you can run it at 4 watts, 1 watt or I believe 1/4 watt.

An EQ and Vox would be able to charge a couple extra dollars. But hey this amp brings you back to the old days, Volume and Tone.

You can tell it's a budget amp. This isn't a bad thing, I just don't see they amps hanging around or taking much abuse. But, hey if you want a fun practice amp, or an extra tone in the studio, this is a cool amp.

Bottom line is this is a fun amp. It is sleightly above gimmick and novelty. It will get you in the ballpark of a AC15, just I wouldn't drop everything and go wait in line for one. If you need the Vox tone on a budget or want a low maintenance first tube amp, this is for you.

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