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DjCaylus 10/24/2013

Vox AC4TV : DjCaylus's user review


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Full lamps - Combo

Simple controls: 1 volume, 1 tone, A 4/1/0 switch, 25W

4 watts

A guitar input, output 16ohm cabinet


Configuration settings and reduced to their simplest expression.

Selecting a watage, you set the tone, the volume up and control through the guitar.

1/4 watt 4w sounds are more clean. With the cabinet 12 "matched the sound is really different.

Ideal for working from home without deafening the neighbors and roommates, small jams combo .. If you have to push a bit of a baffle 12 "16ohm will do its job while opening sound spectrum.


Basic but good quality it does not go in all styles with prédillection for blues / rock. Lezzep, rollingstones ...

1/4w are saturated faster. 1w more progressive. 4w net sound saturated high volumes more progressive.

Gibson Les Paul, Stratocaster Fener Am Special. Fasle wah, DS1.

All sounds coming out like me.


2 years of use and it remains a favorite tjrs in study and small jam combo. Full easily displaceable lamps. + + + Output to a 16ohm cabinet. The matching firm is nikel c.

Tested before 2/3 orange heads tinny, Marshall haze AC15 "top" Blues Junior. Now I have a Egnater Tweaker head I RECOMMENDED (3sonorités type AC / fender / Marshallian).

I love its simplicity and swith 1/4W 1W 4W

QUality price - Nikel!

I would do this purchase without hesitation. 220euro for a combo av 16ohm output. FUll lamps! that you ask ;)