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moosers 03/19/2010

Vox AC4TV : moosers's user review


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The Vox AC4TV is an extremely small guitar combination amplifier, designed for practicing and possible recording. It is a tube based amp, which is rare for such a small amp, as it has both a 12AX7 and EL84 tubes,and has a single 10 inch speaker. It only delivers four watts of power and has a single 1/4" input for your guitar.


Using the Vox AC4TV is incredibly simple, as there isn't much to work with in terms of parameters. This isn't surprising, as most small amps like this don't. It simply has knobs for tone and volume, as well as one for selecting what amount of wattage you would like to use. It has four watts, one watt, and a 1/4 of a watt to choose from in terms of settings. This is a nice feature as it allows complete control over your output. A manual certainly isn't necessary, but I haven't seen one so I don't know anything about it.


The Vox AC4TV definitely has one of the better sounds when it comes to amps of this size, especially considering that this amp only outputs four watts at most! I've used the amp for practicing and messing around with a Fender Stratocaster and no pedals or effects. While of course not comparable to something like an AC30, you can definitely hear the classic Vox sound even in this tiny amp. I don't think that I'd recommend it for anything other than practicing as it just can't get loud enough, although there could definitely be some creative and cool things done with in the recording studio. Having said this, I haven't tried it out myself for recording, so I don't want to speak about it any further - all I will say is that I wouldn't rule it out.


The downside to the Vox AC4TV is that even though it is small and only four watts, it still has a decently sized price tag. You'd think and like for it to be a bit cheaper than this, as there are bigger amps with a bigger sound available for this price. So while the AC4TV is a cool little amp, I'd recommend looking elsewhere if you're in the market for a practice amp, as you can definitely get something with more power and options for this the price you'd have to pay for one of these.