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  • Apex Electronics 460

    Apex Electronics 460 - Kierkes's review


    *Microphones are very subjective. Some microphones that work for some brilliantly may be disastrous on others. It is therefore important to understand the context in which this review is written and take it with a grain of salt, like all reviews on m…

  • Peluso 22 251

    Peluso 22 251 - "Bright done right, with a couple caveats" has images


    The Peluso 22 251 is a variable-pattern tube condenser microphone best utilized in the controlled environment of the recording studio. Its name alludes to the classic Telefunken ELA M 251 by which it was inspired. It comes in a complete kit that in…

  • Sterling Audio ST69

    Sterling Audio ST69 - "I'd give it a C Plus"


    The ST69 is large diaphragm tube condenser mic. Very versatile having three polar positions. The main target customer for the mic would probably be the project studio/home studio user. Really ideal for acoustic instruments, vocals, etc. OVERALL OPI…

  • RODE Classic II

    RODE Classic II - "Good Price for a Solid Tube Mic!"


    The RODE Classic II is a large-diaphragm tube condenser mic. It's probably one of the best-priced tube mics around, considering Rode's reputation as a reasonably-priced microphone manufacturer. It's definitely a recording mic exclusively, as with the…

  • Audio-Technica AT4060

    Audio-Technica AT4060 - "Tube mic on a budget!"


    This is a tube condenser mic made by Audio Technica. After doing some research I discovered that this was the first tube mic that this company has made, which is notable as they are becoming a more popular brand all the time for their variety of qual…

  • Lauten Audio Oceanus LT-381

    Lauten Audio Oceanus LT-381 - "Great tube mic for cheap!"


    This is a tube condenser microphone that I recently had the pleasure of using on a long session when a client brought it in to record vocals. Normally we insist upon our AKG tube mic but we humored him and let him try it out. Sure enough, it sounded …

  • AKG SolidTube

    AKG SolidTube - "Gotta love Tube Mics!"


    This is a tube condenser microphone. As such, it really should only be used on professional grade recording projects in studios. Elsewhere, it'll either be too noisy, pick up too much ambient noise, or be in too loud an environment to work well. Not …

  • MXL V69

    MXL V69 - "Really solid Cheap Tube Mic"


    This is a tube condenser microphone which comes with its own power supply. The microphone is made by MXL, a lesser known company. It is definitely only really useful in a studio environment. If there is ambient noise in a recording space, this mic wi…

  • Sony c-37

    Sony c-37 - "Rare, expensive, wonderful mic"


    This is a tube based condenser microphone made by Sony. I was surprised initially to see this microphone in the studio where I work, as I didn't really know Sony had any kind of reputation for making microphones. However, I soon discovered that it is…

  • Soundelux USA E250

    Soundelux USA E250 - moosers's review


    The Soundelux E250 is a large diaphragm tube condenser microphone that is to be used in the recording studio only. Soundelux now goes under the name Bock Audio, although I'm not sure if this microphone is still being made under that name or not. Th…