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  • MXL V77S

    MXL V77S - "Good Mic for Room Mics" has images


    I like most of the MXL line and I sue them every day at my studio complex I like this microphone for room micing for drums only. I think that this V line of mics is great for room and acoustic but I personally dont like t…

  • MXL V69

    MXL V69 - "Good but not for vocals." has images


    This line of mics from MXL I don't care for on vocals whatsoever. They have a real high mid sound. I don't like this mic for vocals. I have used it in my studio daily for room micing. It is fine as a room mic but not for …

  • MXL Genesis

    MXL Genesis - "Good mic" has images


    I am a huge fan of most all of the MXL Mic Line. I use them daily at my studio complex This microphone delivers a good punch on the low end and is a bit more bass oriented than their normal microphones. I do like the mid…

  • Alesis AM62

    Alesis AM62 - "Good for vocals"


    The Alesis AM62 is a condenser Microphone that comes in a case. I used this microphone a few times here and there back in 2010 but I am not 100 percent for sure as to when it came out. You get a shock mount and XLR cable with it, it is a large diaphr…

  • MXL V77S

    MXL V77S - "MultiPurpose Microphone"


    I have been using the MXL V77S consistently for about 4 years now, I did own this microphone for a while and one thing that I noticed about it that it has over other similar microphones is that the MXL V77S is a very neutral and consistent microphone…

  • Studio Projects TB1

    Studio Projects TB1 - "The Best of the B Line from Studio Projects"


    I have had a lot of experience with Studio Projects microphones (many models), but the TB1 is a valve microphone that uses some of the highest quality materials and parts to create its sound. When using the TB1 you will notice right away the natural …

  • Neumann M-49

    Neumann M-49 - "Vintage, and Remade"


    The Neumann M 49 is a multi pattern large diaphragm microphone, the interesting thing about this microphone is that the pick up pattern can be changed by a dial that Neumann has built on the power supply to the microphone. I have used this microphon…

  • Mojave Audio MA-200

    Mojave Audio MA-200 - AV Inspire's review


    I had this LDC Tube Microphone in demo to AB test on 3 singers. On 2 of them he came out as a winner, for the 3th one it was ok but needed some more high end. There were 18 microphones in the test, all from very well know Manufacturers. I will add o…

  • Apex Electronics 460

    Apex Electronics 460 - "all purpose"


    The Apex 460 Microphone can be purchased for right around 200 dollars and its well worth the money spent. The 460 by Apex has 9 different polar patterns that can be selected with a switch that is on the front of the power supply. The mic was created …

  • AKG SolidTube

    AKG SolidTube - "Let your vocals shine"


    The AKG solid tube is a condenser microphone that will provide you will top notch quality for your vocal recordings. I found that the best use of this microphone comes in a treated room and not a big open space. You can afford this mic for your home …