Bugera 6262
Bugera 6262
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Djaystar 09/01/2010

Bugera 6262 : Djaystar's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
It's a head tube amp (6L6 or EL34) with a power of 120W.
2 channels, a clear and lead. The channel may also become clear crunch with a button front and it's a negative points that it is not switchable on the pedals. For the cons levels SETTINGS is a joy, each channel is completely independent of whether it's equal, the presence, gain, reverb is adjusted each sound as you want it's great.
The volume pot is accurate, they respond very well may be just adjusting (to his taste, of course!)
Level connectivity, a stereo speaker output from this is simple:
1 input
A preamp out
An effects loop (send - return)
1 outlet baffle left
1 outlet baffle right
The switch comes with plugs into DIN plug.


Setup is extremely simple, barely plugged in, it itches a bit and have good sound! The manual is useless! is a simple and effective head!


I played on my Peavey Bandit 112 before then necessarily all on this amp suits me but it must be said loud and clear: STOP BUYING THE BRAND AND PREFER TO PAY THE QUALITY! this amp is exactly that! he has big rivals next to him despite its low price!

I play mostly hardcore punk limit, because it is very versatile I managed to find the sound I wanted without any problems. Sounds at once heavy but keeps a certain brilliance rock'n roll, I think the lights are there for much .......

My guitar is a CORT that a little over ten years (even in good years to Cort wood) with EMG HZ pickups like the bridge and 2 single Seymour Duncan for the rest.

I use the HZ essentiellment lead but when I want to do a little quiet, clear sound is excellent with Duncan. Small flat, do not expect too much from the reverb on that side is not really terrible.


Since August I use it I really struggled not to trim. I am trying to build him a nice flight case to transport it without too much damage.

Complete all that I would return later.

In any case:

Excellent value for money and I would do this choice, I'll even look more ready this brand!

We need to hurry in a Aquer before it undergoes the law of supply and demand!