Bugera 6262
Bugera 6262
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sugarSG 03/12/2008

Bugera 6262 : sugarSG's user review


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Electronics Distribution Amp purchased.

Head 120W all-tube guitar amp. Regarding connectivity, the amp has an effects loop. After all there is more banal: a 2-channel equalizer per channel = - a clean channel that has a crunch mode and function Bright.
- A lead channel.
The head does not have built-in effects apart from the Reverb.


As I said above, the configuration could not be simpler and does not require reading the manual (in all languages ​​useful).
The sound can be adjusted very quickly and we get good sound in a few minutes.
The supplied footswitch allows you to navigate between the two channels of the amp and also controls the reverb and effects loop. The only downside on the footswitch, the sound clear and the crunch can not be controlled separately. We must first choose the amp footswitch selects the sound or light crunch (same for Bright function).
Both equalizer can refine the sound. As against the clear sound is a little dry despite a setting closer. The presence to play with the gain for a more or less warm. The lead can be changed quite a bit with the equalizer and a lot of sounds are possible.


I do not really particular style, for cons I love the sounds fat and warm clean. I plug in a Gibson SG Reissue 61 and an Ibanez Ergodyne.
As for the clear sound with Gibson, the sound is quite "flashy" and the clean crunch very easily. The sound was clear the weakness of the amp. on the other hand in the crunch you get a pretty rock n 'roll and the grain is sufficiently precise and drool just right. One recognizes the grain typical of the SG. Then we can dig the sound with a Big Muff to make everything a little more fat but pay attention to feedback for those who do not like.
As far as the Lead channel on the heavy tackles. The compression is felt immediately and the sound of British rock is unthinkable that channel. The sound is pretty metal type and spits right away, the sound approaches a Hughes and a Peavy pushing the presence and gain. Gibson makes the grain drooling but there is very precise and accurate. For those who want bold sound in the style of an Orange one must have recourse to the Big Muff but watch their ears. You can also get a sound very thrash metal obscuring the middle of the equalizer.


I use it for a short week and I can say it's a great metal amp typed. The bluesy sounds are quite difficult to get clear sound and no heat from an Orange or even a Marshall (JCM 800 Ancinnes of time). By playing against the Deftones, Tool's basically if you want a relatively compressed with a fairly neutral grain this amp will delight you.
The price / quality ratio is very good and the amp is quite affordable.

NB: Bugera damage the plate or plastic.