Bugera 6262
Bugera 6262
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johncobalt 01/18/2010

Bugera 6262 : johncobalt's user review


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That arch-easy! two channels with EQ very effective. You can find the sound immediately. Not need a manual, unless you do not know head and matching cabinet (at Ohm) In this case DO NOTHING WITHOUT YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! You may damage your amp


It is a very versatile amp, it will sound good pop-rock sound that big patch ... It can range from a vintage sound in Van Halen, to a heavy metal very well today. And if we lower the channel gain crunch, it's been a very good vintage blues sound. But where it beats all its competitors is the grain ... A true grain lamp. Nothing is emulated, nothing is imitated. It's bold, it's hot drool just what is needed is clear just where it should and it does justice to the guitar. Indeed I have always found that big amp disto ended up doing very concise and cover completely the personality of the guitar. I get to keep this record in the grain mix. Very hard to do when you have to prune frequencies! Most amps "entry level" / "medium range" merely boost certain frequency ranges to make a big sound "artificial" ... we remove the low and high frequencies, and it was something less than a stomp to 50 € ... Here, these mediums are warm and clean, the treble does not "scream" not even using the Presence and the grain is present on all frequencies .... it's alive, what! Sound, very organic pet. I heard it on the head to 1 600 € ... There's even some brands that are no better than 2000 € ...


I've had several weeks, I am delighted. I tried the Custom Audio Electronics, Carvin, Laboga, Peavy, EVH, Soldano, Mesa Boogie, Orange, Marshall, Blackstar ... In short I want a all-tube amp for a while ... For more than a Bugera, it is necessary to € 1500 more ... which makes it unbeatable ... True, it will never happen to the ankle of a Road King or an OD-100 ... But in a mix, after equalization and mastering, I challenged anyone to make a difference. I made the cover of Whitesnake and Winger (CAE OD-100 for both! Lol) and frankly even listening, the notable difference is that it's not Reb Beach playing ... Other than that ...

Petit added a few months later:
One thing should put a flea in his ear to our skeptical friends: there is very little chance. It sold a ton during the Christmas holidays .... and everyone keeps them! There's one or two good combos leboncoin.fr on a 6262 right here ... and that's it!

If it's as crappy as you think, why people keep them? to meditate