Bugera 6262
Bugera 6262
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pierrotscorps 03/01/2008

Bugera 6262 : pierrotscorps's user review


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See the notice below ericslide
I return to the crunch point channel pity he is not callable at the foot
but by going to the site we see a BUGERA pdalier or there is the function crunch
I think a good technician should be able to tweak something to fix a


Use could not be more simple
two separate channels with gain medium bass treble and volume on each channel preamp
presence and reverb on each channel separ
Note that the reverb, callable at the foot, is indpendante on each channel so if you want it not on the lead you take it off and if you want to clean you put it when you return to lead it there will be not and when you pass by it will be clean
I is not read the manual because it is not my amp but I tried one of ericslide


Move on to something serious sound
If this amp looks like the 5150 II (or 6505 +) from peavey its look is not the case of the latter is closer to a Marshall JCM 800
so it's not a high gain amp
I tried this amp with a Fender Start early American series and a 2x12 HP consists of a V30 and a G12T So my opinion is worth what it's worth that can be diffrent with HP BUGERA guitar and other
The clean channel is a true clean channel unlike the 5150 gain is not very active on that channel when the shot goes crunch we do not get the sound that makes the charm of 5150 but this amp is a peavey not BUGERA
the bright adds too sharp so I did not utilisbr /> I used the clean with the gain a background which enables him to live in the attack on mdiator
for the lead channel is not the same as I used 5150 with a gain and volume 2 has pushed a little and you get a great crunch Then I lowered the volume and turn up the gain and the results in a rather typical of the marshall of the 80
amp ragi although the volume of the guitar is a clear move from a saturated amount just by the volume of your guitar
means a lightweight blowing the lead but there is no on the clean
to play a good hard rock amp IDAL is traditional in my opinion

Finally I would be curious to try again by changing all the lights to see if the preamp is radically changing the original as it is mounted with
1 x 12AX7
1 x 12AX7B
4 x 12AX7C
I do not know the manufacturer
I put eight crunch because the clean channel is not great (but hey it is not appealable as of pdalier ..)


First of all I would say to dtracteurs this brand as it is distributed by prtexte Berhinger go down the amp and this without having tried to go just to try it
I recall that the head 498 is a reseller of a country abroad that I do not name (it is not to make the pub and the more I think it is better to try before you buy So to motivate his shop in the corner to make it back)
I also remember that for a hundred euro supplmentaire you can have the combo with the only diffrence is the knob of dispostion
if you squint a 5150 do not buy this amp because it is not the copy is a less CHRE BUGERA BUGERA with her that my faith is exploitable trs
as you'll understand I had a 5150 before blowing a lot and "feedback" as well by the breath of the lightweight channel lead the rest is nickel
I prcise also that I did not buy this amp because I invested a few scrapes and we do everything but it is not impossible in the future that I paid so I took over the music as a group because I will not ericslide 3500 in a head amp that is manufactured with components that come from (I know I will not say something stupid )....
I put 9 / 10
report quality and unbeatable price at suprieur ValveKing amps peavey home (yet) running in these prices as
a look that leaves no indiffrant and then if the word you BUGERA ESG There's two screws to remove
try run