CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead
CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead

Plexi 50 1987 Lead, Tube Guitar Amp Head from CeriaTone.

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angus90 09/26/2012

CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead : angus90's user review


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Marshall clone 1987, the famous "plexi" 50w (all tube, of course)

Point to point wiring by hand, good quality components.

I mounted mine with EL34 SED "winged C", "= C =" if you prefer.
The preamp section has 3 12AX7 lamps (on mine in V1: Groove tubes 12ax7c V2: electro harmonix 12ax7eh, V3: Sovtek 12AX7LPS.

Level setting is simple and effective: a 3-band EQ (not very reactive admittedly), volume per channel ("normal" and "bright") a knob "presence" and a PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume) I added.

Then four inputs (a High and a Low per channel) used to bridge the channel.


Ultra simple: you plug a guitar and turn up the volume!

The EQ is not the most violent, do not hesitate to use the knob "Tone" guitar.

This amp incredible dynamics, it responds very well to nuances, it is a treat to play with the knob "volume" of the guitar, to pass a clean dirty just a good crunch families.


No secrets, it's the ultimate rock'n'roll crunch!
The sound of AC / DC, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Cream ...
it respects the sound of the guitar is plugged in it.

With my Gibson SG standard, mounted in 57 'classic, we right in AC / DC, Back In Black album. A fat, hot, rich crunch, not aggressive, at least not as a JCM800. The PPIMV lowers the volume levels humans without losing what makes the charm of this amp. Well good on high volume the speakers do not react the same.
It lowers the gain, it goes neck pickup and presto! blues sound to fall!

With a strat, this is depending on the settings, Hendrix, RHCP, Blackmore ... Dynamics to lose his futal! I often boost with a Tube Screamer, he accepted very well.

Unusually for a marshall, the clean obtained by lowering the volume on the guitar is far from being disgusting, even if it is very oriented medium is not a fender either .. But that's not why you buy a plexi ;)


I use it for 2 years, and I will for a long time!
For me this is THE ultimate rock'n'roll sound.

Obviously, it is oriented crunch, it does not sound clean a Twin, and is not suitable for metal (anything with a good pedal in the face!) ..
But .... IS CRUNCH!

The price of the Marshall 1987X Reissue, if you are a little handy, there's no clear picture! The Ceriatone not ashamed to face a Marshall, it may even be just the opposite! (Best quality components, assembly PTP ..)