CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead
CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead

Plexi 50 1987 Lead, Tube Guitar Amp Head from CeriaTone.

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polakow 02/04/2008

CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead : polakow's user review


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Marshall Plexi 50 Clone W Model 1987.
Amp head lamps (3 * + 2 * 12AX7 Tungsol EL34L DD).
Cablge point by point by hand. DIY or even delivered mounted.
All dlivre a power of 50 Watts.
Basic connectivity era of late 60 'with 2 channels (Normal and Bright) who have 2 inputs High / Low. The rglages are Volume 1 and 2, Bass, Mid, Treble and prsence. Note that the channels are bridgeable via a cable tool or A / BY box (I use). No effects loop or master volume (I have added a rear facing). Hp two outputs switchable 4, 8 and 16 Ohms. 1 and 1 standby power on.
Vintage clone in the true spirit of the era.


No presets, no bla-bla. The vintage. Plug and Play Loud!
To obtain a sound, do not combine hsiter SETTING THE DTMF volume and cable as they cascade. They interact with each other in other words.
No manual. It is up to or even self-assemble. A good vinyl Hendrix, Red Hot PERIOD Blood sugar can hound's ear.


For sound, it's really vintage Marshall. Low mdium, bold, dynamic ... With a team of Lag Roxanne Seymour Phat Cat, it sounds rock ... wish We play the old with the guitar volume to saturate more or less the amp.
The normal channel sounds round and blues, while the channel above mdium Bright sounds even more acute gain. Personally, I changed the capacitor of the channel to make it less sharp. Got issue ....
Pop rock, noisy pop, metal 70, or no metal (dpend the grate, effects and settings) ... No limit. Graduation is not about being tightened High gain and ultra compress ... It's not a Boogie!


I use it for 2 months. Perfect for scne and rpeter. SOUND I rvais. In addition, it is trs "PDAL like" which increases the posibility. When you see the exorbitant price of hanwired marshall, we say why not Temte the exprience!
If you're handy, even better. I pay (taxes and Twann including VAT) for 570 Euros (without the cab I prcise) instead of 2000 for a repeat. No picture is ..