CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead
CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead

Plexi 50 1987 Lead, Tube Guitar Amp Head from CeriaTone.

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iamqman 09/14/2011

CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead : iamqman's user review

« Nice alternative to a Marshall »

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This amplifier is a cool little throwback vintage style Marshall plexi clone amplifier. It is basically a marshal 50 W plexi 1987 tube amplifier. Everything from its appearance all the way to its features is straight out of the Marshall handbook. The only difference is that the components are slightly different and the name on the box says Ceriatone.


You have the same features as you would Marshall plexi such as the bright normal high and low can put jacks. As well as the bass, middle, treble, precense, and the two volume control knobs. This amplifier also features three 12aX7 preamp tubes into EL34 power tubes.


If you are looking for a good classic rock tone such as a tone from Led Zeppelin or AC DC and this is good to be a perfect amplifier for you. Even though it's 50 W of power is still extremely loud because of the circuitry involved where you can turn past one or two it's gets to be very loud. My favorite way of using these amplifiers is using a simple jumper cable to connect those channels to be in use at the same time. For instance the take a jumper cable plug into the low input of the normal channel and put it into the high input of the darker channel. Then you bring your guitar cable into the high input of the normal channel and I will allow you to use both volume control knobs to dial in a little darker in thumpy tone.


These are good alternatives to Marshall plexi 50 W amplifier. They're going to be a little bit less in price and there a good starting point if you want to get amplifiers modified for some super high again town. These amplifier's run new right about a thousand dollars which is a pretty good price for this amplifier. Overall it's a good buy if you want something that sounds great and hats for a great price and this is a good amp for you.