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drkorey 03/18/2011

Fryette Amplification Sig:X : drkorey's user review

« “A very versatile amp that covers a lot of ground!” »

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The Fryette Sig:X is a 100W guitar amp head, powered by two KT-88 tubes, that features three channels, a footswitchable boost, a series/parallel variable footswitchable effects loop, line out, extra presence and depth knobs and can be run at 4, 8 and 16 ohms. Here are the three individual channels and control layouts for each.

Lead Channel:
Voice Switch, Gain 1, Gain 2, Boost, More/Less Gain Switch, Power Shift (100/40) Switch, Master Volume, Scoop Switch, Treble, Middle, Bass, Lead/Rhythm Presence

Rhythm Channel:
Voice Switch, Gain 1, Gain 2, Boost, More/Less Gain Switch, Power Shift (100/40) Switch, Master Volume, Scoop Switch, Treble, Middle, Bass, Lead/Rhythm Depth

Clean Channel:
Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Voice Switch, Boost Switch, Power Shift (100/40) Switch, Fat Switch, Presence, Depth


It is fairly easy to get a good rock and clean sound out of this amp with minimal tweaking. The manual is clear and gives you good sample control setting starting points. I bought the amp used and the manual was available for download at the Fryette user’s forum. Although it is easy to get very usable sounds right from the start, there are a vast array of tone shaping options on each channel so you can fine tune your sound, which might take awhile to dial in.


This amp is a cover band guitarist dream! I have used it exclusively in a cover band that plays 60’s – 90’s rock, classic rock, modern rock, punk and blues. Everything from Aerosmith, Alice In Chains and Poison to REM, SRV, Red Hot Chili Peppers and ZZ Top.

I have used PRS, Suhr Modern’s (super strat style) and McNaught (Les Paul on steroids) guitars with this amp and it lets the characteristic of each guitar through. It doesn’t color each of them and make them sound the same.

My favorite sounds are the rock and 80’s rock sounds, which I think this amp excels at. It is possible to get a nice Plexi lower gain sound and then hit the footswitch boost for a JCM 800 tone on the rhythm channel. The lead channel can take you from JCM 800 territory and into “heavier” Mesa Mark 4 tones.

The clean tones are really nice, as well. I have been through a lot of amps and this is one of the best clean channels I have used. It really shines in a loud, live setting. In the past, I have had trouble with my clean channel being able to be heard through the band mix and this one has been great for that, due to the fact that there are very useful tone shaping options to choose from on this channel.

The one weak sound on this amp is getting it into super high gain territory i.e. that of bands like Pantera. It can get close on the lead channel, like I said before, Mesa Mark territory. I have been able to dial in a sound close to Metallica’s Master of Puppets and that might be heavy enough for some. An EQ in the loop might be able to solve this but I have not tried it.


Overall, this is a fantastic amp, especially for what you can buy them for on the used market.
The features I like the most are the great tone shaping options on each channel. It is possible to get six different types of sounds/tones if you set your three channels to where you want and then hit them with the footswitchable boost for a different sound and feel.

Another great feature is the footswitchable effects loop. I use it for a solo boost, set the level higher than your amps volume and kick it in when you need a volume boost for solos – works great!

The only drawback for me is not being able to get the ultra heavy sound from it but all the other features and flexibility make up for it.

This amp is a well built tone generator that can give you many tones. I have had many amps and for cover band gigging this would be one of my top choices – especially for the used market price they go for.