Marshall DSL50
Marshall DSL50

DSL50, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM2000 DSL series.

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vintage7 07/23/2011

Marshall DSL50 : vintage7's user review

«  Footswitch minimalist but not the amp »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Head tube amp 50 watts, 2 x EL34 power, 4 x ECC83 in preamp.
2 channels Clean and Lead with 2 power stages each: 2x2 = 4 types of sounds.
Accutronics Spring Reverb
Full connectivity (effects loop, footswitch x2 ...)
Tolex black, white strap, large logo Marshall, the standard which ...
For my part, I said at the level of the lamps, I've pasted Preamp: V1 = ECC83 Electro Harmonix, JJ ECC803s = V2, V3 and V4 = JJ ECC83 Balanced (hifi quality). 2 EL34 power Svletana russia.
I use it with a power reducer Power Brake Marshall.
My cab is a 1960 Lead with 2 x 2 x Vintage G12T75 and 30, mono 16 Ohm.
So much for the presentation, the test begins ...
For me, it lacks nothing, it's perfect like that, I ask. Note 10/10


The config is pretty simple as all JCM, knobs quite effective, a little hum of transformers connected in standby certainly the quality of electricity at home, which in any case not hear a beast that sends the sound .. .
Manuel interesting, but it could provide the wiring diagram with ... Even if we know anything, it would!
We obtain easily a cool sound in the knobs tampering, however I do not like the tone and deep inter shift, especially the latter who "eats" the sound ...
The reverb is very good, but not to bottom, I remain consistently below 5.
Rating: 9 / 10 because of these two cross that did not convince me ... As you strive to do, ba is in fact too ... The engineers could have made an effort to complete a footswitch more ...


This head is perfect for me, the 4 types of sound are really nice and is close to jmp in lead1 and JCM800 in lead2. The clean1 is excellent, clear and precise sound quite warm and round and the crunch very effective especially with a power brake delivers distortion almost natural.
Marshall is the sound we like it or not, but for me it remains a monument of the Rock.
I play with an Ibanez RG custom (micro DiMarzio Evo) and mainly with an AK MeloDuende Icebreaker equipped Bare Knukle "the mule", the sound is to die for. No effects except for a wha wha ...
The amp has an excellent dynamic especially with my MeloDuende, its sharp, warm and round at a time, a pure pleasure to type a big agreement by separating each note in passing the pick!
I think the choice of lamps is essential with this amp, failing to take a multitude of pedals I preferred playing the card of the natural working of the lamps and the HP config.
I play heavy rock like Guns N 'Roses, zztop ... and down quite often in his more bluesy after I blew eardrums. Frankly, very good to excellent amp.
A friend tried it in Explorer with EMG, although this is not my thing the metal, well here it tore ... Even the neighbors remember (well it was 2 o'clock in the morning ...).


I've had six months, and after the mods qq, this head gives me satisfaction.
I have owned a lot of amp (Fender Hot Rod, DC2 mesa, marshall vintage modern, marshall jmp MKII I regret that I still have sold ...) and this one is perfect. I find that grain Marshallian I always loved, without being either blocked by a single type of sound ..
Most: Versatility, ease of use, look legendary power, dynamic
The -: The inter tone shift that to me is not a success, the footswitch minimalist, I would have preferred to control the foot and two power stages of each channel with ...
However, the price / quality ratio is excellent, OCCAZ below € 500, there's kidney to say.
I would do not have that choice because I'll keep this one a long time ... I complete if funds allow me one day by a head Marshall Hand Wire current or vintage style 1959 or 1987 ... See also the Orange side ...
At least for the moment, I'm thrilled!