Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier Solo Head
Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier Solo Head

Single Rectifier Solo Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Single Rectifier series.

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a-tom 09/29/2004

Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier Solo Head : a-tom's user review


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50W all-tube (6L6), 2 channels: clean / bright, raw / vintage / modern.
bass / medium / treble / presence for each channel and master / solo, effects loop with the input volume. (I never managed to get an effect without that it makes a mess!) And that damn footswitch that goes from light to saturated with 1 millisecond of lag! which is filled up enormment for precision (I must be the only one with this problem or what?? then called me !!,,,, 7 / 10! sorry and it deserves June 1 saw the price!

Other than that, it's simple, efficiency, plenty of watts knowing that it is necessary to shoot (at least 3 in volume) to give expression to the grain of the BEAST!!


I use the solo with a 50 4 / 12 Mesa, a few pedals and a tele deluxe us, not more complicated this amp already has a personality (and huge dynamic mediums manifique), he transcribed very well the sound of my guitar . the sound is less than the dual Profonts but not go spit in the soup!



I was part of the group "noise blquot and now of" a-tom "
in Influencing tool, soundgarden, bucley

it is rather with the tele crystal-clear, I put a seymour hot rails in an acute to roar can! I keep the knob on the head from acute to 1 / 4 because after, it's really like metal and not too much, otherwise I use essentially the crunch (less Creuta in mediums) and modern (which a lot of potatoes at low volume)

609 or 57 (shure) transplanted into the live mix of the two is very interesting

I think this is a decidedly rock amp, while the default of the game along very well and the finer the more it took me time to adapt (out of racks and other models numriques) but after, TU JOUIIIII


2 years of marriage, and I do not divorce but still rather take a vox or twin for clean sounds

heavy distortion / crunch are enormous, the sound can clear a hollows but with a small compressor, It has the fact!

the price is too expensive but it is what takes to get the SOUND MESA (a hand loop and the switch)

then, DARK ALPHONSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!