Art Tube MP Studio
Art Tube MP Studio

Tube MP Studio, Tube Pre-amp from Art.

jeangusyoung 03/22/2011

Art Tube MP Studio : jeangusyoung's user review


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* Which technology is used? (analog, digital, tube, ...)
- Tube (12AX7) of very poor quality, surely

* Which effects or effect types are available?
- No effects

* What connection options does it provide?
- One jack and one XLR input
- The same for the outputs

* Is it a rack-mountable?
It's not rack-mountable because the indicators and controls are on the top, not the front panel

I give it 9/10 due to the fragility of the flat cable that connects the tube's receptacle. You'd better not need to replace it or you'd better learn how to solder.


* Is it easy to make settings?
- Well, yes, you make connections depending on the cables you have (Jack or XLR)

* Is it easy to edit sounds or effects?
- You need to turn the controls and make a test recording. You can easily tell if you've gone too far.

* Is the user's manual clear and comprehensive? ...
I haven't read it much, except maybe to understand what the OPL was all about.


* Is the sound of your instruments or mics faithfully reproduced? Does the preamp sound transparent or does it color sound?
- No special remarks. It does what you expect from it (I connect to it my Shure PG52 to amplify the lows of my cajon)


* How long have you been using the product?
- Since September 2010

* Which feature do you like the most / the least?
+ It's compact
- Having the buttons on top and not on the front panel, which doesn't allow me to place a second one on top, that's not very cool

* Did you try any other models before buying it?
- I already had a Presonus Tubepre

* How would you rate its value for money?
- It was relatively expensive in the store where I bought it

* Based on your experience, would you buy this product again? ...
- No. But careful... not because it's a bad product! I love to have everything consistent, so I wanted a 2nd tubepre, but they didn't have another one, and I didn't want to wait for it to arrive.