Art Tube MP Studio
Art Tube MP Studio

Tube MP Studio, Tube Pre-amp from Art.

polair 11/15/2004

Art Tube MP Studio : polair's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
at this price it is hard to find more settings, input gain, output gain, a phantom power supply, a selector 20 dB, a phase switch (very handy) and a limiter. side connection was both input and output is either the XLR jack .... A lamp to heat the whole ...


Use side I tried to play on the input gain and output to see if this had an influence on the sound but in wine (I may be deaf). Once activated the limiter goes completely unnoticed, a good point. Second a good point for the meter which is quite rare to find a camera of this price.
Nothing complicated, I would even say a 5 year old to use it.


I falait a cheap preamp waiting to invest in a top of the game and the Avalon Focusrite style. So I opted for the ART tube mp studio that was one of the most cost ...
before purchasing this product all my recording were amplified by the preamp in my mixer (Yamaha MG12 / 4) and despite the use of XLR cable and an Audio Technica condenser microphone there was a breath lege since I use the little preamble of ART in a single unwanted noise from disturbing my record. The sound is warmer, less metallic, more natural and very clean. I also tested with an electric guitar as well as bass and the sound is much better than directly through the preamps in the mixer ... For the price (100euros), no complaints.


As you can see, at this price is expected for the moon. ART wanted a simple and unadorned, the housing and strong and very well done compared to the models of project and home studio for less.
with this preamp you will have no unpleasant surprises, a very good value for money.
Perfect until they can afford a preamp 1000euros.