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Art Tube MP Studio
Art Tube MP Studio

Tube Pre-amp from Art .

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gma gma
Publié le 07/30/05 à 19:44
Said everything was good, l. He has a few tips and more from the simple tube mp ... I also practice the nitre seen!


Using a priori simple but gigantestques opportunities. According to the microphone being used can be selected to make the most bossr preamp or microphone, or when to leave room for another preamp board (in a console for example).
It is also a preamp that can screw up your sound. He requested an adjustment period and will not really work alone, it may even spoil your life if you do not learn to handle it with headphones on!


This is THE preamp for home studio rock. It colors the sound, but I find it beautiful trs! He sounds like a good old folk folk roots and a little background noises Global Warming when you want to capture them. A bit of breath to catch trs low volume (scratches, noises, etc. chucotements). So transparency is questionable, but it brings other hand really a grain class, efficient and beautiful. compared a m-audio buddy, it is, I think, well above the other as straight and stiff so that nothing comes out! The home studio that can not type in the Avalon can finally give a little fire and blast pic (hahaha) their local bad sound. And it's really for this type of use that is Designed, even if I was actually advised by a t ing her that uses it a lot in his professional studio, on batteries when it does not do analog as well as voice certaiens to smear a bit of a signal too clean and too cold depending on the microphone used. Bluff with a branch above a neuman rings of hell without losing precision ... Unbelievable! (Finally a ptetre must lose a little but it dlicat).
on the other hand with dynamic microphones is not won. It is oversized certaiens frquences (high mids and treble or bass trs basses), or dyed it a bit of everything and screw up the punch of the microphone (SM57 for example, tests have never t tr s successful, the simple preamp for my 8 track works better for a).
I was also able to compare the copier, the ULTRAGAIN MIC100 Behringer and ART is cleaner when pushed, hotter, believe that the lamp in the behringer is that to look pretty ...


I use an art tube mp for 5 or 6 years, and his great ERRF aprle now I recently (about one month and dei)
Report quality unbeatable price!
I test a lot of widgets, the avalon, the m-audio, behringer, the home made preamp. The high-end sound better, of course, but when I test my microphone with a avalon low-end and comparing the diffrence n'tait not obvious, since the limits of precision were made before the while the microphone. The sound with ART trs is hot, even if it lacks a report after prsence signal preamplifier with high-end. But in its range Meix ... No!
But used only in a rock type music / rap / pop. For the sound variation on it is too prcis color and not enough. In a test against taking lyrical voice and a piano in auditorium, is really serious. Well the APRS my hair silent micro limit, and again ... your exact spectacular silent and true Russian. But for an orchestra, I would try not ... When you blow a lot of superimposed layers of catches taken with this preamp has a tendency to be drooling a little. But up to 8 tracks are no problem.
Home studio that made the rock or pop dyed vintage or folk seeking sound a bit roots, this preamp crushes the rest of the market even the most expensive stuff.
home studio who want to make taking Franaise song with instruments and voices whisper wind .... ..... humpf Invest in larger because you may galrer if your micro n ' is not an atomic bomb.
I am not 10 because I am well aware that it will never compare with a large high-end preamp, but in its price range and a priori in all preamp under 300 euros (which I test s and the type of music crit!) is the best I've found ... Again for the rock / pop / folk.
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