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Art Tube MP Studio
Art Tube MP Studio

Tube Pre-amp from Art .

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Doyeuxyvan Doyeuxyvan
Publié le 07/04/04 à 08:48
After having tried the Behringer preamps as I tried the score at ART preamp to hope for a cheap and adequate for a quality recording.

On paper, the preamp looks nice.

I had an MP and OPL Studio. I keep the OPL, however.


In the knob is used to choose gain entry.
The Out adjusts the output volume.
The other buttons are nice, the compressor does not compete OPL long course.


It's already on, it sounds lamp. On a guitar amp with distortion means tubes rock'n'roll very warm, you feel the difference with an electronic preamp of the same price.

To record a clear signal, the sound is bright and we look away.

But the big flaw that I noticed and I wanted to understand for a year + is that this preamp is noisy. When we play no problem, but when you stop, there's a little buzz for me that does not allow me to make a quality recording. Especially by using it for all my Atari Falcon made records.

Believe my word, I tried every possible config and stuff, it never disappears buzz. (Of my two models) Even the stuff to loosen the 4 screws does not work.
on the other hand I did not change the lamp, I find it a bit corny, but can be is this the solution?

If we play it goes over, however, it is true that the preamps a lamp should be good as the high end. On a high volume amp is pretty irritating. ART should do good in high-end stuff, but hey here is not fun. I hope that the racks for ART based on the MP system do not have this defect.


I think for the same price it is better to buy a preamp electronics.

To compare, my Zoom 505 blows a little more than preamp without the buzz.
I am also an owner of an environmental TFPro P1, it sounds and I did not buzz.

I urge you to go to the more serious preamps directly (TFPro P1, Presonus Eureka, Mindprint Envoice ...)

I use it just to sound light at specific times, giving a small aspect of my amateur record.

If you are not demanding quality recording, it goes very well to make demos.