Art Tube MP Studio
Art Tube MP Studio

Tube MP Studio, Tube Pre-amp from Art.

killer2k2 02/21/2007

Art Tube MP Studio : killer2k2's user review


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Analog tube technology, jack and XLR connectors, not rack-mountable.


It's child's play to use, the manual is almost useless


It improves sound, that's undeniable, and it doesn't produce any noise. The preamps are much better than those of my Alesis 16 FW or my 32-channel Behringer SL3232. The tube adds a nice coloration! Not like the mic 100 or 200.


I've been using it for five months.
Pros: Sound, look, price, warmth
Cons: Slight buzz if you crank it all the way up (but who does that anyway?), and it's single-channel

If I needed a single channel preamp, I would buy it again, otherwise I'd go for multi-channel preamps.