Digidesign Mbox
Digidesign Mbox

Mbox, USB audio interface from Digidesign.

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blacksunrise 03/20/2005

Digidesign Mbox : blacksunrise's user review


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Well I will not go back on CHARACTERISTICS.
I zicos in several groups and very practical for me mbox work of prprod, ideas, and mixes in short, I m'clate.

good, contrary to what is being said everywhere I config a PC that works to hell
I brought up a PC to a expr
P4 2.8 512 RAM + 80 + 1HDD partitioned 20 GB for the operating system and 60 GB for audio, small motherboard MSI, ASIO driver, I use it with the PT version 6.1. Super stable, crash o No need to stick three hard disks !!!!!!


Installation very easy, even when I made the bios by rgl friend that I mount the pc, because you have to follow the recommendation of digi if we want all this to be stable.

No incompatibility of the components I chose fairly simple to make body ATI 9200 SE (no games vidos so!) MSI 848P Neo, Maxtor 80 GB IDE 2MB buffer, samsung 3200 ram , etc ...

no pb config


Driver super stable, it's been a year since I have and I never made any update or pro tools or asio, it works well and trs is sufficient for me.

I use 6.1 with Plug Pt waves gold bundle, tracks and AmpliTube

thanks to the latency is 0 knob trs is doing well, no difficulty in making a guitar with a rhythm all is audible (cl'essentiel) and its fate if it directly what knob RULES.
I record two tracks that simultanment normal for that mbox has 2 entries, I read 24 runs against carefree with lots of waves plug (bcp C4, tracks, L1, super tap, rverb, etc. ) and I only have 512 of ram, what will it be when I have 1GB!


For a little less than a year.
I love this card and Pro Tools is a software for all homes rve studio owners. I love the simplicity of handling, the quality.
What I like least are the pramps who are poor in micro, so I will add a double tube type pramp bluetubde DP and everything will be nickel.
I have not tried before, I fell in love with Ptools a friend who had the digi 001.
The report price is reasonable quality especially with the software provided with the card Ptools.

I exprience with the remake that choice plutt a 2 X!!
Mac users do not have a tre Envision, if all his stuff well orgle PC has run really well!

jer is September 1 of acause pramps who boast of Focusrite be, but have nothing imprssionant.