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Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

USB audio interface from Focusrite belonging to the Scarlett series.

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« Stable and good, but the finish leaves a lot to be desired »

Publié le 05/15/14 à 13:03
I bought this soundcard to have the maximum of inputs and outputs for my home-studio. In this respect, I have nothing to say. The soundcard is very good, you will be limited by the PC, not by the card itself!!! I use it with a UAD twinfinity 710 preamp and dbx 166xs compressor. Simply wow (for a home studio)!

Computer: intel core i3 3.10 Ghz, 4GB, running windows 7 64bits.


The drivers are very stable, not a single crash nor recording ruined. I don't know if they are updated frequently, there's no need to update :-)

I use it with Cubase 6.5.

No issues recording 16 tracks at the same time. I haven't exceeded 16 playback tracks.


Problem-free installation. Setup relatively easy (except for the software routing).

I took a quick look at the manual. Sorry! :-D


I've been using it for 4 months now. I had had four soundcards before. And this one is the best (I only know home-studio quality soundcards).
What I like best: Its rack format, that it's internally powered, its performance, its two headphone outputs, its combo jacks on the front, its stability.
What I like least: Its finish (slippery volume controls, small and very, very fragile pad, inst and phantom power buttons!!!). I've had two broken and I don't even know why!
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