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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Thread 2i2 high output impedance?

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1 2i2 high output impedance?
Hi all !

I'm currently using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio interface with my PC so I can use my XLR condenser Rode NT-1 microphone with my PC and also record my guitar straight into my PC.
I have my ATH-M50X's plugged into the headphone monitoring output on the 2i2 to listen to computer audio however some people have stated that this is isn't ideal for the best possible sound quality.

Apparently the 10 ohm output impedance of the 2i2 is not ideal for the M50X's as it's recommended that the headphone impedance is 8x the Audio interface's output impedance.

I also plug my M-Audio AV40 studio monitors on the line output of the 2i2. Will this have the same issue?

I assume most people plug their headphones/studio speakers straight into the 2i2 so what were Focusrite thinking?
Why would it have such a high output impedance? Is it simply a byproduct of cheap equipment?

I thought it would be a win-win because I could use the 2i2 for my mic and have a high quality DAC/AMP built in for listening to music but I guess this is not the case.
Is it possible to get a higher quality all in one DAC/AMP/XLR compatible audio interface? I don't mind paying more.

Apparently, the 2i2 is not an amp, but is instead just a USB interface with mic pre-amps and a DAC, so why does it have an output impedance if there is no amp?

Thank you!
Good afternoon,

Based on the impedance spec of your headphones (38ohms), you should have no issues getting a healthy signal from the headphone output of the 2i2.
With regards to your AV40 speakers, we're not aware of any issues at all with running them straight from the outputs of the 2i2, are you experiencing any specific issues with this setup?

Simon // Focusrite Technical Support