Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Scarlett 2i2, USB audio interface from Focusrite in the Scarlett series.

LeBeginner 01/09/2012

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 : LeBeginner's user review

«  Flawless! »

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What characteristics have motivated your choice? : Connections varied (Mic / Line / Inst), the mobile side (no external power supply), the metal frame and reputation for quality Focusrite.
Do not forget, in these times of crisis, the price .... Only € 135.

EDIT: and of course the bundle plug-in Scarlett (which by itself already costs € 99)

For what purpose? : I chose this card to use a semi-nomadic.
I wanted a card is easy to implement, to record my electric guitar (live or via my Tonelab) and if necessary, my acoustic guitar through my microphone StudioProjects B1 mkII. So I had to at least one input Line / Inst and Line / Mic with 48V. Here, for once, I have two entries Line / Mic / Inst.
I use a Laptop K52JT (core i5-480M, 4GB DDR3, Seagate 500GB, 7200 rpm, SATAII) with Windows 7 64bit. For now, I have not installed Ableton Live Lite that comes with, because I find too "Lite". I work with REAPER 4.


I have the card for 4 days, so it is difficult to judge the stability of the driver. However, I have not had any crashes with it.
No recognition problem with REAPER. I get a latency of 3.3 ms min input and output of 4.3m. But here, I get very sporadic and rare, some crack. So I re-grew a little buffer size. The latency is 10ms interior and I have more crunch.
I have not had time to lay large projects .... we'll see in a later post.


The installation happened without worries. The version on the CD is not the latest version, go for a walk on the site to get the latest driver. Once installed, it restarts the pc and then you plug the sound card. She recognized immediately. There's more than!
The manual is almost useless for one who has little experience.


I bought it at Musikia Wednesday, received yesterday directly to my job in chronopost. I have not tried other models. I trusted the reputation of Focusrite and above all I found no other models that fit my needs (except perhaps Etrelles lexicon alpha studio). All other cards in this price range are either incomplete in terms of connectivity, or with a lower resolution ...
What I like:
- The 24bit/96kHz
- The complete connection
- The robustness of the housing
- The design truly mobile
- The Bund plug in Scarlett (reverb and EQ above)
- The sound!! yeah anyway, I have not yet spoken. My first test was to plug my AKG K 240 Studio to listen to songs I know well and ... take me a slap! PHEW! is clear, precise and powerful. Long hours of fun in perspective.
- The preamps .... then there is really a great surprise. In fouilant, we learn at the site of the Focusrite preamps in Scarlet is the same architecture as the preamps of the Saffire Pro 56. Start by plugging directly into my boiboite with GuitarRig, I was rather amazed. This is the first time I think Guitar Rig amp sounds like a skyscraper. The point that I ask myself to upgrade from Version to the full version .... I have not tested with the acoustic guitar when using the 48V phantom power supply, but given the result with the Live electrical scratches, no doubt it will ring.

The quality / price ratio is simply EXCELLENT if not mind-blowing!

Is what I would do this choice? Oh YES!!