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M-Audio Fast Track Usb
M-Audio Fast Track Usb

USB audio interface from M-Audio belonging to the Fast Track series

Thread M-Audio Fast Track USB, help!

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Topic M-Audio Fast Track USB, help!
Hello there I bought a M-Audio Fast Track USB a few days ago and there is some problems I would like to have help with;

When I plug in my mic / electric guitar with a "normal cable"(don't know the name for the cable). The recording sound gets really low, you can't bearly hear it without cranking your speakers up so high that you'll hear lot's of buzzing.

When I try to record things with a XLR cable everything gets recorded on the left speaker only if I use stereo, and I want to use stereo :P
Is there anyway to get it to record in both channels?

Does anyone know any good software preamps?

Thanks in advance!

// Alex
Hi, i have the same product with the same questions and issues and saw no need to create a new post. Might as well bump it :cool:. Im wanting to use GarageBand or Logic Pro. (If theres better MAC software to make music [hip-hop, rap, soulful] that'd be appreciated too) I want to record a vocal over a beat i've made with GarageBand or what have you and record my voice using the Fast Track simultaneously. Is it possible?