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M-Audio Fast Track
M-Audio Fast Track

Thread Problems with M-Audio FastTrack

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1 Problems with M-Audio FastTrack
Hi! I'm not very familiar with home recording and I just had m-audio fasttrack usb guitar/mic recording interface. I can't figure out why there is only the right output that gives me sound. When I plug my headphones in the fasttrack, the is only sound going out from the right and it does the same thing with my computer speakers. I checked every parameters and everything is suppose to be balance. One thing I noticed is that the only time I have sound coming from both left and right is when I activate the effects with the gt player express program that came along with fasttrack. The thing is I would rather use my metal-zone distortion pedal! If I could only find a way to get sound from both sides.

So I would apprecitate if someone could explain me if it's suppose to be like that (even if I'm sure it isn't) and if someone could help me finding solutions!! I would also like to know if gt player express can record multitracks that I would then mix (because I can't get to use the gt player express' effects with adobe audition).
Not sure if you are talking about what I think you are. If not disregard this. I have the M-Audio firewire 410. It does not record stereo sound, but it is not an issue if you are just recording individual vocals or instruments. In the program you are using (Ex. mac's Garage Band) you have to switch the output setting to mono, meaning Left and Right will be identical. Then sound will come out both sides. If you want true stereo sound you have to record with at least two mics that are actually set up on the left and right of whatever you are recording. I am guessing you are using one mic (mono) and you have your settings on stereo

I was confused about this too at first, but when explained it makes sense. You are recording into one mic both L and R are the same.