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M-Audio Mobilepre Usb
M-Audio Mobilepre Usb

USB audio interface from M-Audio belonging to the MobilePre series

Thread MobilePre

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1 MobilePre
My basement band has been looking to beign recording. We have decided (well more been forced to decide) that since we have little money to spend, we would get a sound card that wasn't necessarily great...but at least we could get ourselves on the computer.

Anywaty I have been looking at the m-audio MobilePre.

does anyone have this? would be ok to bye or should i save up for another month or so and get a better one?

If 2 inputs are enough for you, the mobile pre is a great little unit. The only reason to save more money would be to buy a soundcard with more inputs. It could be useful if you want to record a whole band.
2 inputs should be enough. We are planning on recording each track seperately if that doesn't work one of my band members will buy a mixer so we can have more inputs.

I just found a new website called www.digitraxx.com They have cheaper prices than zzounds, sameday audio, and musicians friend but I don't know whether to trust them? Has anyone else tried them?
I have never heard of them. I don't know if the risk is worth the $15 diffrence in price.