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Rantanplan 02/08/2004

M-Audio Transit : Rantanplan's user review


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I needed a simple interface incorporates the standard audio Asio to manage low latency, with a limited budget, allowing me to use my laptop as amp simulator and register for my track by track p'tites models ... mission accomplished!

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo series family bought a crossroads (mouarf. ..), Celeron 2.4Ghz, 256MB RAM, 40MB HD 4500tr/min, Windows XP Home, not really a racing machine but it changes the celeron 400!

In between, there's a mixer dispatcher for the different instrumentals (Preamp Audio Buddy in anticipation ...) Tape Out to the card input, analog output card on small digital sound system and on edirol I-10d ...

So if you only need one e / s stereo, ASIO, there is any good ......


Installation impeccable in the end: just a little stress shift because the card does not pass the Windows Logo testing, without affecting the proper functioning of the thing: in fact, the detailed manual on the CD we made for this problem that in fact is not one .... phew!
So we install the software, it restarts, you plug the card, windows installs the drivers and shoo!
Impeccable ...

Configuration level, it seems a bit light at the base of the kind we choose the sample rate, latency and point bar, but what should be more?

The manual clearly states the procedure to be followed for each operating system, technical features and connectivity ... all the same, is not a dissertation on it too


One week of use, no big problems:

FruityLoops in 3.5: one with whom I corresponded afien me indicates a compatibility issue with Fruity, and indeed, ca is not running as well as it should work, from time to time, the CPU meter goes well beyond of 100% when playing dun project. However, the sound is normal, no creaking when reading simple, but if you change your project at the same time, small CRACs apparaisent when displaying a plug-in, changing a knob, etc. , not really a problem in the end for my case ........ too bad when even ....

in CoolEditPro2: impeccable read on a draft 15/16 tracks with an equa different on each track, effects no 'fixs', plus a reverb bus ... on the other hand, not record the effects on the slopes, you have to finish recording before you start mixing the part itself, or else remove all to add some ...... Methinks it's my little config problem rather than the card ..........................
Record-level small concern compared to the level of entry, it is important not to settle the entrance to the limit of digital clipping to appear under penalty of unwanted clicks on the track .... So knob of entry at least in the windows mixer, not really a concern since I record vocals and guitar for both gross for after going through various plug-ins that will give warmth and level .... it always comes out!

in Console: used to play Live, everything is perfect, very low latency SET AT, no perceptible delay, just this little entry-level concerns; here, adjust the level closest to the clipping, the shift in AmpliTube plug one style will bring up a very unpleasant kind of crunch on the passages 'clean', so always set the minimum and the sound of hell, even if AmpliTube does not seem to get enough signal to process (all diode time on yellow .......)
In conclusion, this problem level (with the knob of a minimum entry in the mixer, you get a -13 /-11db max), I assume that the input has to do everything (line + mic or even a small phantom power) is precisely that level line is a difficult process for high volume card ........ I will do with the m-audio sav .... Despite this, the sound is nice anyway, and once properly adjusted levels, roll my chicken ......


The little happens there is a little over a week, so it Hatif notice that I would change I would have more hours of use in the legs ... Indeed, the case is tiny, power from the USB port so that the benefits (in fact, the use of battery operation does not alter, and even if the minimum energy management enabled, saving resources such and company ).... Just what worries of input levels that may impede people trying at once a large volume (like recording a guitar amp with microphone). My previous card was an Extigy, sold as not designed for musicians (why transit is not out a month earlier ??????)

Considering the price, 109 Roros, and given demon budget for music, I'm glad that I think was making out such an interface, but perhaps they would have done better not to make a line between. .............. m'enfin, thank you M-Audio!
Recommended for toddlers Bugdet.