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M-Audio Transit
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stompboxjon stompboxjon

« does the job »

Publié le 04/03/12 à 23:32
The M audio transit is a very small interface that is the most portable you will find. I still have mine even though I don’t use it anymore. I actually got it with another piece of gear that I purchased online during a sale. This interface has nothing special too it and will work in any daw (atleast I think it will) It will basically act as your sound card if you want it too when using it in fl studio. I had a dell laptop that I use for work and I keep a copy of fl studio on for when I am on trips and I use this interface with it to record some demo vocals or anything into my computer. I have even used it just to record some quick speeches.


I havent had any issues with the driver and never had to download a new one. The same one just continued to work every time I plug it up. My laptop was windows xp, but im pretty sure it also works in vista if I remember correctly.


Getting started was a breeze, you really couldn’t ask for much more from a small interface like this that is really cheap. You can get this things at all your favorite music stores for a really low price. So if you are in need of an interface but can t afford a good one or don’t have space for a bigger one just use this one and save the money and still get great quality.


Overall, im very happy with it. It has far succeeded my expectations of what a little interface can do. It really surprised me and I recommend this to all the people who record on the go or have a small workspace/area at home to record in. this will suit you just fine.
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