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sebalto 01/27/2004

M-Audio Transit : sebalto's user review


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I wanted an interface transport home (mac) in the studio (reason). So I had the support of all the bones, asio drivers (reason) and optical inputs and outputs (I have a pramp mindprint converter).
The mac is an e-mac 800mhz. On P4B 2.4 ghz pc an MSI motherboard 1gig of ram 7200 rpm ide


For children, 2 minutes. No printed manual and no need.


The drivers I know sonrai nickels (2 days). Logic and Reason with no prob. Latency of 7 ms without problmes.A 3ms, cracking occasional use with other software in the background.
I did not test the multi-BEYOND THE stro.


2 days use. I love a few grams and size 10 cigarettes USB cable included.
Before I had a luna2, an adda 2000, various multimedia cards. Analog is not terrible, there is a noise I guess converter (low whistle) because it disappears in optics via my mindprint di-port. In addition, the analog mini-jack connection is not reliable.
But I am filling the optical quality compared to price a versatile and miniaturized with good drivers trs is good. You just have to be a good quip prampli converters and spars in and out.
And attention, 96khz, you must choose between input or output