RME Audio Fireface UC
RME Audio Fireface UC

Fireface UC, USB audio interface from RME Audio in the Fireface series.

stompboxjon 03/14/2013

RME Audio Fireface UC : stompboxjon's user review

« The price seems high, but it is worth it »

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The RME FireFace is a USB 2.0 interface that has 36 channels, the price may seem high at first being almost 1400 dollars but after one use you will realize that you have gotten your money’s worth. This interface can be racked and is built like a tank. It works with Windows and Mac, and it is very easy to set up on both systems being that the drivers are very stable.


Everything with this interface was built with the best possible materials and with the best possible options built into tit. It has a small buffer offered in Windows (48 samples) and on Mac systems it is (14 samples).


This interface has very low latency and runs at a very high performance and is perfect for the main interface for a home studio. Do not be scared of the price because this interface is not like any other interface you will ever use, the FireFace line of interfaces are very clean and sound amazing. The preamps are top notch and provide very clean recordings. The preamps have an amazing sound and the input impedance can be switched from line 10 Ohm to instrument 470Ohm and you can even get an extra analog input amp of up to 18 DB in increments of .5 decibels.


There are 54 level meter peaks and it has 2 digitally controlled preamps. Overall this interface is worth paying the money for, you will get great quality recordings with it and it will last a long time. I was even able to set up to 9 independent stereo sub mixes. I have used this interface in about 3 different DAW programs and it was easy to set up in all of them. My favorite to use it with was probably Logic because I was using my Mac at the time. This interface is worth the money that it cost, in this price range there are some really good interfaces and the FireFace RME 2.0 is one of them.