Gibson Flying V Faded
Gibson Flying V Faded

Flying V Faded, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Flying V series.

nomisbaud 04/28/2012

Gibson Flying V Faded : nomisbaud's user review

«  A good first Gibson to the Hard Rock! »

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Well first of all, I wanted to say I am one of those who are not convinced that their purchase is the best choice they could do to feel good, and everything as we meet a lot on these forums . This sets the tone of the opinion that will ensue.

Brief characteristics were repeated several times, see the previous notices.

Now I wanted to push a big rant to Gibson, who through advertising campaigns and often well-conducted buyers who buy on the internet and therefore do not try their guitar store (I designed myself by saying this), manage to sell guitars poorly finished, with a violin that can not be regarded as exceptional for a price well above its qualities. A Gibson is a dream for every guitarist, but that dream is soon broken when comparing a Gibson to another lesser known brand made in Asia for the same price, a guitarist reasoned choose the sound and quality and this is not more at Gibson ...

Else for that Flying V, the factory settings are disturbing, we must immediately go to a luthier to adjust the action is too high, the neck is a little mouth, not even the screws into the wood, and the wiring ... brief is blah.

In other mics it's known, 500t and 496R, while mahogany ... (Poor quality on mine is not sapele and African mahogany unfortunately ...), three body parts and handle one piece (good for once)


Side of ergonomics, you must love the shape, almost unplayable sitting very sure, or else develop in a special position, but hey it's the Flying V, it is preferred to play it safe standing.

The neck is quite thin, pleasant, it is not as fine as highways or other ibanez guitars shred but it's not bad, again this is obviously personal opinions.

Access to acute, you can not do better so it can only be perfect.


Ahh the sound, that's what any guitarist looking for, and it is also one of the main outcome of a guitar.

First vacuum, big surprise, it sounds, for the quality of the violin, I'm pleasantly surprised, so good!

Now, clean sound, plugged into a Vox AC30 1975 and a Mesa Lonestar. Well we hate to go to saturation, the sound is neutral without color, which is not great, it's mostly the microphones that are not really known to be good clean sound. I tried with two classic 57 is immediately better.

Then you push a little the gain of the Vox and we pass on the overdrive channel of Mesa, it's really not bad, thank you 496R in the neck which provides great sound for blues, blues-rock, and the bridge position is not bad for a sound to the AC / DC, so good! (The sound is even better with classic 57, I definitely suggest changing the pickups of origin for 57 classics for a good clear sound and reach the pinnacle for the blues)

Then we change the amp now, Mesa Dual Rectifier management, modern channel, and there .... Well it sounds actually not bad, the hard rock / metal is its vocation, it is safe and sure! If I look at the purchase price: 400 euros occas, well I'm still happy to have one like him for that price!


So in conclusion, I use it for 3 years, I play much less due to a purchase of a Heritage H535 and H157 one (I highly recommend this brand, check out his story and their means of production, you will amazed!).

I especially recommend to any guitarist wanting to acquire his first Gibson, wanting to play hard rock / metal. The report ITS / price (not quality / price, because given the violin, one wonders how she can leave her a lot more saturated in (a big thank you to the microphones to speak)) is fairly good for 400 euro and the sound it delivers big saturation. I hope the quality of wood is not the same for all these guitars because Gibson really down in the estimates of many guitarists over the past ten years, there is still time to change!

So a guitar to buy used, new price is far too high for the quality of the guitar, for the same price (700 euros) or a little lower, you run into a Samick / Greg Bennett (that is about to make lots of noise in the guitar world with a value / price) or Custom 77 or Cort, but less prestigious brands for better sound and better quality for the same price.