Gibson Flying V Faded
Gibson Flying V Faded

Flying V Faded, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Flying V series.

SonicPulverizer 10/28/2012

Gibson Flying V Faded : SonicPulverizer's user review

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The Gibson Faded Flying V is an affordable, no-nonsense guitar with enough class to stay ahead of other gibson USA models in the looks department. The Faded V features a solid Mahogany body and set neck, coupled with a rosewood fingerboard. The 496R and 500T pickups pair perfectly with this guitar, lending it a powerful feel when gain is applied. The controls are made up of two separate volumes and a shared tone pot, which leads to less output resistance and more power. The looks of the guitar are surprisingly fair, unlike other guitars in the faded series.


The tuning stability of the V is average. I found that the B-string on the particular guitar I tested had issues with keeping in check. The neck profile is flaunted by gibson of being a cross between the 60's slim taper neck and the thicker 50's style. I couldn't discern any great benefit to it, but the neck did feel wonderful in the palm. The pickup selection for this guitar is perfect, they give the V a very "hot" sound that allowed for enhanced playing feel with aggressive styles.


I played the Gibson Faded flying V through a JVM210h. Mesa 4x12 cab. No pedals.

If my previous review was any indication, I am not a fan of the JVM series amps at all. This guitar, however, managed to make it pretty enjoyable to listen through. The clean sounds aren't exactly crystal, but they are useable. The focus of this guitar was gain sounds, and this is what I spent most of my time using the guitar for. The guitar allowed for fluid lead runs with oodles of sustain. I could have easily spent a day playing the same riffs on this guitar and not realized the time past. One of the best guitars I've played for aggressive styles of music.


The Gibson Faded Flaying V is a rock/metal guitarist's dream. The guitar is inexpensive, fetching as low as $500 on the used market, while not being stripped of features to the point of damaging desirability. The V retains the gibson aesthetic cues that fans of the brand crave, without set fire to their wallets.