Gibson Flying V Faded
Gibson Flying V Faded

Flying V Faded, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Flying V series.

MGR/Anonymous 06/06/2004

Gibson Flying V Faded : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I got the Faded Flying V online at for $770 (because mine is left handed). I got this guitar because I had played the right handed version in the store and loved it so I went online to find it left handed. Luckily Gibson is totally left handed friendly so, you know, I got that one instead.

I really like the feel because the fret board has great action. I have a fender strat and I couldn't go really fast on it but then I got the V and I was ripping solos like nothing. I can't keep my eyes off the finish, it looks so inviting. And the tone incredibly warm but crunchy.

I could'nt really tell you what I do like because its an all around great guitar.

The constuction is great for gigging and jammin' with your buds but you cannot sit down with it, which kind of shows that the v was made for the stage. The shape with definately turn some heads. Its worth every penny.

My summary:

1) warm/crunchy tone
2) fast action
3) beautiful finish
4) too good for the price
5) made for the stage

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