Washburn Dime 2ST
Washburn Dime 2ST
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Seratoth 04/11/2006

Washburn Dime 2ST : Seratoth's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in China, this guitar a possde Bolt has 22 boxes. The handle is a bit large (but not thick in width) and Access in acute is pretty good with large hands. The floyd is plutt well. It can do is yell and tuning. Three knobs: volume and 2 Tone. Problem when one wants to cut the volume of the guitar, you must set the two knobs to 0. When dyed one, there is a little sound that comes out when you scratch the strings.


The weight is reasonable and enjoyable round. Against it by a trend plutt nosedive which becomes tiring for the arm that supports it. Washburn mountains above the pickups are fairly good quality even if it's not high-end microphones.


Mesa Branch of the pickups send a sec! Ideal for the Black metal. She and her mouth adquate. For if it is to play against the Pantera, go your way. Microphones tend to do a little rsonance agreements in tufts.


I've had about one month and I'm glad plutt. I possde 7 guitars and this is one of my prfres with Marilyn. I got it for just 550 new so I think it's a good qualitprix. If a c'tait again, I would do without hsiter.