Washburn Dime 2ST
Washburn Dime 2ST
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Sammy666 02/05/2006

Washburn Dime 2ST : Sammy666's user review


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Guitar made in Korea
22 boxes
Identical pickups washburn neck and bridge position
Floyd type bridge design really rate: which blocks the rope at the bridge is fixed in the ball end of the rope, it uses the ds ... floyd was moving, despite s rglage a perfect race and all we can settle on a guitar .. prvoir qq hundreds of dollars more to buy a floyd Designed well.
2 volume buttons and a tonalitbr /> Slecteur 3 positions
Channel quite late, screwed.



The handle is trs enjoyable to play, fast despite the fact that it is also painted black and varnished.
The access to the treble is not simpler than what nimporte guitar, it must release the hand!
It is not trslgere and a tendency to lean toward washing but without generating truly play, beginners need to find the right position to play sitting vriament is not a problem.
The pickups washburn bcp have a blast and a pretty dirty little prcis, trs chalereux not, the tickets still prvoir qq buy a real microphone with her ....


I play Pantera bcp but marrive want to play any, why the washburn pickups are perfectly unfit to be polite.
When j'ia had the guitar I still had my peavey bandit 112 home ..
if I did not gain Metti my amp up to the microphones made nothing.
its clear, cold enough and they taient crillards.
washburn pickups with a single breath sound.


So for the overall opinion eyeGO not hold me back ....
Ptite for history, I ordered the guitar and has started more than two months to arrive ... .. full of hits store returns lexpediteur guitar ... two weeks later the new guitar arrives safely tat ... but here for the right to receive the DNAS this state I d dpenser 30 euro ... is the cost price of the "cover" prvu for this guitar. .. so I can not write because it's a bag dust bag.
In addition, the wood of the guitar has frets rtract .. rsultat dpassent and my index trpasse ...
Then at the junction of handle / body varnish and paint has quail mm and crack for no reason because I take great care .. (sweet almond oil on each key change of strings, for example ..)

So you guessed it, go your way, mm stock pigalle 2450 euro, this guitar is absolutely not do!
more o the era I ordered on the site franais Washburn / Randall pouvias we read that the guitar silent tui book, which influenced my choice rather knowing that a guitar like a can not fit in a bag, mm low.
Also the handle is al vrit a Bolt today freeters dpassent and floyd does not laccord mm without laction ...

Balance sheet? 669 + 30 + 260 + 300 ...= 1259 and yes! qe is the total cost you this guitar .. 669 plus 30 euro for washing in the correct state of the two micro seymour 260 + 300 euro original floyd rose ....

yeah ... you offered me the strap! ... phew chui returned my expense ...
srieusement more, I hope to repay me, it's a shame to sell a product as chr no reason, I have done better to buy a PRS SOAP Bar II has cost less and bcp it's much better ... I Coris all is said ... oh no certian you know all the Yamaha Pacifica 112 ... bah .... I prefer to play with it to tell you.

On this I'll keep you on the way in which Arbiter are happy customers .. uh .. arna mcontents ..