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Native Instruments Virtual Instruments user reviews

  • Native Instruments B4 II

    Native Instruments B4 II - songboy's review


    I run a Macbook with Logic 9 and Ableton 7.  There is no compatibility issues that I am aware of. I have never referenced the manual, in fact, I am not sure it came with one.  Although, if you are familiar with a real tube organ, you should get the h…

  • Native Instruments Essential Bass

    Native Instruments Essential Bass - moosers's review


    I didn't have any problems getting the Native Instruments Essential Bass up and running as it only took a matter of minutes.  There were no compatibility issues and since installing it I haven't had any problems related to installation whatsoever.  T…

  • Native Instruments Balinese Gamelan

    Native Instruments Balinese Gamelan - moosers's review


    While I've never had any issues relating to installation when it comes to the Native Instruments Balinese Gamelan software, I can't speak about the process of installation since I have only used this on a system that it was already installed on.  I c…

  • Native Instruments PRO-52

    Native Instruments PRO-52 - moosers's review


    The process of installing the Native Instruments Pro-52 virtual synth was pain free and only took a matter of minutes.  I've also never heard on anyone having any problems getting this to work, so I'm under the impression that it is a pretty stable p…

  • Native Instruments FM8

    Native Instruments FM8 - songboy's review


    So far so good. FM8 installed with no problems and has so far worked flawlessly. I use a macbook and there has been no compatibility problems thus far. FM8, like most Native Instruments plugins, can be a little tricky and somewhat daunting at firs…

  • Native Instruments Akoustik Piano

    Native Instruments Akoustik Piano - moosers's review


    I've been using the Native Instruments Akoustik Piano virtual instrument for about a year and I have come to know it as one of the best virtual acoustic pianos out there. It was easy to install and doesn't take to long to figure out what everything d…

  • Native Instruments FM7

    Native Instruments FM7 - moosers's review


    The Native Instruments FM7 virtual synth was easy to install and easy to get up and running as I had no compatibility issues with my machine. The interface of the synth is pretty easy to follow, and the presets make for some great sounds that you can…

  • Native Instruments B4

    Native Instruments B4 - moosers's review


    I had problems installing Native Instruments B4, nor did I have any compatibility issues with my machine. It was easy to install, and I have installed and used it both on a Mac and a PC. I use it as a standalone plug-in and in Logic. I don't a manual…

  • Native Instruments Elektrik Piano

    Native Instruments Elektrik Piano - moosers's review


    I had no problems installing Native Instruments Elektrik Piano on my machine. It has run smoothly and has not given me any problems. The interface is easy to follow and I didn't have any compatibility issues. I never had any problems with running thi…

  • Native Instruments Absynth 3

    Native Instruments Absynth 3 - FP User's review


    Nothing missing except a drive knob, which I really wanted. Price paid: 399$ VERY difficult to use and learn. This synth is a behemoth and I recommend it only for people willing to put in some long hours figuring it out. Again, this is the bucephal…