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Native Instruments Virtual Instruments user reviews

  • Native Instruments Massive

    Native Instruments Massive - "For Advanced Musicians Only.."


    Massive has some ok presets, but I am not impressed with them though. They are very airy and weird/techno like. But if you are into techno music this is for you. But unfortunately it doesn’t have very many presets that are useful (to me at least). Th…

  • Native Instruments Massive

    Native Instruments Massive - "Good if you know what you're doing"


    The name massive is very spot on. This is a huge synth with a huge amount of options. Were it not for the presets, most users would be lost on their first Massive run through. Setup is easy enough though. It's basically plug and play. I use it w…

  • Native Instruments Vintage Organs

    Native Instruments Vintage Organs - "Most likely the best organs around"


    I've been a big fan of kontakt for a while now. It's quick, easy, lightweight, and frankly NI has provided a very large and impressive collection of vsti for it. Vintage Organs is one of those vsti, and it features a sizable handful of organs, the …

  • Native Instruments Kontakt 5

    Native Instruments Kontakt 5 - yoTrakkz's review


    There where no compatibility issues with any of the software I used with it, everything is pretty much straight forward right in front of you. It will take time to get use to changing the sounds and making your own, but with the ability to create you…

  • Native Instruments Battery 3

    Native Instruments Battery 3 - "Great Drumsampler!!"


    I once had trouble with battery 3 in cubase but that was an issue with my computer, other than that i never had trouble with it in protools. And i never used the user manual because it was easy to get started with battery right away. SUITABILITY…

  • Native Instruments Berlin Concert Grand

    Native Instruments Berlin Concert Grand - Kierkes's review


    Native Instruments has a line of pianos that I find rather remarkable, and one of them that does not fail to possess this quality is the Native Instruments Berlin Concert Grand. Compared to its very formidable siblings, the Berlin Concert Grand po…

  • Native Instruments New York Concert Grand

    Native Instruments New York Concert Grand - "Googly goo."


    The title of this review just about perfectly illustrates the sound I made (and I suppose the face I made as well) as soon as I struck middle C for the first time in the Native Instruments New York Concert Grand. You can only imagine the mathematical…

  • Native Instruments Battery 3

    Native Instruments Battery 3 - Kierkes's review


    Battery came with Komplete, so while it did take longer to install than if I had installed Battery separately, it was obviously worth it. After that, Battery 3 became a cinch to figure out. The first thing I ever notice about any program is that p…

  • Native Instruments Battery 3

    Native Instruments Battery 3 - "One stop Shop for recording/performing Drums"


    I have had no problems with this software in either Logic 9, Ableton 8 and hosted in KORE 2. The manual is clear enough to help you get off the road, but I ended up getting a tutorial from macprovideo and that was really helpful. Battery 3 has a pr…

  • Native Instruments Akoustik Piano

    Native Instruments Akoustik Piano - " A little disappointed"


    I found the product to be OK, but no more. I confess that I was a little disappointed. Competitors' similar products are much better and I would not make this choice again. In addition, I have trouble using it well in the mix…