Virtual Samplers news

  • Oscillicious Releases SongStarter

    Oscillicious Releases SongStarter

    09/30/12 in Oscillicious SongStarter

    Oscillicious has announced the release ofSongStarter, a new organic music production tool.

  • Skylife SampleRobot 4 for Mac OS X

    Skylife SampleRobot 4 for Mac OS X

    08/22/12 in Skylife SampleRobot 4

    Skeylife has announced that from September 2012 SampleRobot Pro will be available for Mac OS X.

  • Oscillicious SongStarter Beta

    Oscillicious SongStarter Beta

    08/21/12 in Oscillicious SongStarter

    Oscillicious announces a free public beta of their new product, SongStarter, a live looping environment for music brainstorming.

  • Free Live Pack: Blackbird

    Free Live Pack: Blackbird

    08/21/12 in Detunized DTF016 - Blackbird

    Detunized releases another free Live Pack.

  • Update of Vienna Instruments Sample Player

    Update of Vienna Instruments Sample Player

    07/24/12 in VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Vienna Instruments

    The Vienna Symphonic Library team has updated their Vienna Instruments sample player.

  • UVI Emulation One

    UVI Emulation One

    07/17/12 in UVI Emulation One

    UVI releases Emulation One.

  • Oscillicious BeatCleaver

    Oscillicious BeatCleaver

    07/07/12 in Oscillicious BeatCleaver

    Oscillicious has released a Windows XP-compatible version of BeatCleaver, the beat slicing and sampling tool.

  • Native Instruments 10-Year Special

    Native Instruments 10-Year Special

    06/30/12 in Native Instruments Damage

    Native Instruments announced a limited 10-day sales special on Kontakt and 10 Kontakt Instruments, celebrating the sampler's 10th anniversary.

  • Steinberg Updates HALion & HALion Sonic

    Steinberg Updates HALion & HALion Sonic

    04/10/12 in Steinberg HALion Sonic

    Steinberg has announced the availability of HALion Sonic / HALion Sonic SE 1.6 and HALion 4.5.2.

  • UVI Workstation 2.0.3

    UVI Workstation 2.0.3

    03/10/12 in UVI [Freeware] UVI Workstation 2

    UVI Workstation is now updated to version 2.0.3, with the “Edit” section back.