GForce Software GForce M-Tron
GForce Software GForce M-Tron

GForce M-Tron, Virtual Sound Module from GForce Software.

2066 & then 07/20/2005

GForce Software GForce M-Tron : 2066 & then's user review


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Last day V4.5 not empty, just to convert the bank sounds bites me-the-node. But that's all.
No incompatibility meeting.


Config: Lifetec laptop, Pentium IV 2.8 GHz, 512 DDR 400, 60GB 4000rpm Hard and wheelbarrows. Sound card Edirol UA20.

No problem. also used a less powerful PC bcp (Dell 700 MHz 256 RAM) with no more basis points.

Could not quantify the latency, but the game in real time is possible. Knowing that all the true fawn also some latency ... you do not lose by the change.


Use since ending for two years. This is my APRS prfr B4 and Lounge lizard before. Apprciate question. I have not tried other, except Mellowsound, a free VST plugin that works a lot with sound convincing, but less raliste, trs and low sounds.
with Mtron, it was almost a real mellotron for better or for worse (without the weight and changing tapes). Her trs hot. Great for Genesis, the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Led Zep, too bad some compounds.