Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware]
Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware]

Synth1 [Freeware], Virtual subtractive synth from Daichi Laboratory.

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AlanForPresident 09/09/2012

Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware] : AlanForPresident's user review

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Synth 1 is a very basic VST, but it has the potential to give you everything you will need and more. But only if you want to get into depth with it. You can edit all of the parameters right on the main dashboard of the Vst. There are so many different options and things that you can do with your sounds (if you choose). You will need to have some sort of understand of how to work with sounds and mold them or else you will be stuck with a bunch of horrific presets. The presets that come with Synth1 are not very good at all. Also there are not very many of them. I advise you to stay away from this if you don’t want to put the work in and tweak some knobs. There is no manual for Synth1 but there are some tutorials online.


I have been using Synth1 for a short while now , though I do think that I have had it on my computer for a long time. The interface is not very appealing to me and there are just so many options on the main screen that it’s a bit over bearing. But Synth 1 is very stable and will work great no matter what system you are running it on.


If you are into designing analog sounds and tweaking some knobs then this VST is for you without a question. You will love working with all of the options that it gives and you will be in total control of your synth. But if you are not into doing all of the dirty work and don’t like to have all of those options then this synth isn’t for your. I am happy that I have it though because from time to time I will load it up and mess around. But I just don’t use it that much. There is nothing to lose here though, because it is a freeware. Its worth the download.